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What You Feel is What You Are

and what you are is beautiful

11 June 1985
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Wow, what to say. Hi My name is Lindsay and I'm a 30 something year old fangirl. I live with fangirls so most of my life revolves around fandom or fanishness. It is awesome :D

Fandom wise:
I have, at times been a podficer, vidder, community mod and, on very rare occasions, fic writer. Mostly these days I obsess over podfic. Everything I've made is hosted at my website parakaproductions.com and I'm uploading my podfic/fic to AO3.

I'm mostly mono-fanish although I will occasionally branch out into more than one fandom at a time. Queer as Folk was my first online fandom and I was in there for about 2 years. I drabbled for a couple months in the Harry Potter (Snarry) fandom, but then discovered Stargate Atlantis where I spent the next 3 years. Now I'm happily obsessing over Adam Lambert and Kris Allen in American Idol Season 8 fandom. :D

I've also dabbled in American Idol S7, Lost Girl, Merlin, Supernatural, J2, Numb3rs, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (♥), Reaper, Torchwood and Doctor Who.

To the authors whose stories I've podficed please see my open letter to you.

Remix Policy
If you'd like to remix any of my fandom offerings (that includes anything I created on this journal, such as meta), all the power to you. I don't have much fic but you're welcome to podfic it, write sequels or rewrite them entirely; whatever strikes your fancy.

Same goes with my vids, feel free to copy ideas or take clips if you need.

If I've podficed a story that you'd also like to podfic, don't let me hold you back (I don't actually think you need to ask first before repodding but if you were thinking about it, no need). And I'm sure there are other things that can be done with podfic, (sampling, remixing, etc). I will say though, that while I'm ok with my recording being used, I can't speak for the writer's whose words I'm performing, so you'll probably need to check with them as well.

If you want to do anything with my works or fannish presence, go for it, you don't need to ask first, so long as it's within fandom. I'm not necessarily opposed to my works being used outside, personally, but as a podficcer, the potential spotlight would shine on more than just me, it's something I think I'm going to avoid.

If you're comfortable doing so, I'd appreciate a link to whatever you make off my works. I think how fandom builds off itself and creates new works based off others is one of the coolest things ever.

Things I helped make/mod for:
ai_podfic, fan_tales_to, multipodicity, ottawa_slashers, pod_aware, pod_together, podfic_bingo, qafships, qafvids, slashpad, vidding_archive

I also made a webpage to house all the pics I took for the QaF Set Sale April 2, 2005