Paraka (paraka) wrote,

So I don't actually watch all that many shows, mostly during the year there will be one show (this year 2, SGA and N3) that I watch regularly, and a bunch of others I like, but can't be bothered to watch week by week. Then during the hiatus I download all the shows I like, but don't *love* and have marathons, this list is mostly for me, but thought I'd share. The Catch ups, are, obviously, shows I already like, but have just fallen behind on, the other list are shows I've heard good things about, and might start watching, if anyone has comments on that list, or thinks I should add to it, let me know.

Shows I'd like to watch this summer:

Catch up
-The 4400
-Life on Mars
Question: Are there any Farscape fans here? I started watching the show, but it didn't really grip me, but I'm wondering if I should give it another try.

Shows to start watching
-Traders (does anyone have this? It's impossible to find torrents of it :( )
-Dr. Who
-Painkiller Jane
-Dresden Files
-Dead Zone (ok, I started this, and found John to be a bit of a dork, but found season 2 on sale, and bough it, because *sale.* Now I feel obliged to actually watch it)
-Gah, I know there were more!
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