Paraka (paraka) wrote,

So I'm visiting Guelph this weekend. So far it's been fun. It seems the only time I ever go to the movies is when I'm visiting Guelph. We went to see Vacancy on Thursday night, and Spiderman yesterday.

Well, I normally never see horror movies, because they're just not my thing, but the others wanted to go, so I joined them. I think the best part of the entire movie, was once it was over, and we discussed all the mistakes. Shanon, one of raxhels house mates, can be really funny when doing this. Plus I just don't think you can watch a movie like that seriously, especially since it wasn't scary at all. Like, at. all.
Also, on the way home, raxhel had to stop to get gas, and you can tell it was late, since she tried to make a turn down the wrong side of the road (did the turn for a left turn, but instead turned right) so had to do a weird squigely around the medium to get on the correct side of the road. :P

One word, Cheesy. OMG we decided that there wasn't any Evil!Spiderman, but instead Emo!Spiderman. He was such a dork! The black hair, the eyeliners, the hip thrusts! Also, all the emotional scenes had me laughing my ass off. I mean it wasn't a *bad* movie, they just *tried* to be serious, and totally missed the mark.

Conclusion: I like the X-men movies more.
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