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For various reasons (I've never had regular periods, but going a 9 months without one was a bit much), my Dr. put me on the pill.

They did it once when I was a teenager, and the first brand they put me on made me so emotional, that they had to send me home from work one day because I couldn't stop crying. They put me on a lighter one, and I was on it for a while, and then took myself off.

Then in China, and when I got back, I had my really long dry spell, and my Dr. put me back on. Except she put me on Diane 35, which according to her, has one of the highest doses of estrogen out there.

I haven't had any days where I just cry for no reason, but I have noticed that I cry a *lot* now. And over things that while sad, certainly aren't really worth the amount of tears I shed. Like, I have issues watching the news. I can't get through more than 10 minutes without crying. I was crying over that Russian guy who just died, and he tried to blow up his government! Or like this morning we were watching Signs, and I was pretty much bawling.

All it takes is for someone to mention what happened in Virginia and my eyes tear up. Or like here someone feel into the canal, and a passerby who happened to be in the navy, saw him and jumped in to try and save him, but the waters were too strong and they both ended up drowning. As I type this, I'm seriously crying.

God, it's getting so annoying. I mean, it's one thing to be sad, but it's another thing to be crying every time I hear anything remotely sad. Grrrr.

*Pulls out emo icon*
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