Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Crap. *mopes*

So, I have an exam tomorrow. I really should be studying, but I'm 90% sure I've already failed the course, so it seems kind of pointless. I'm such a bad student. I try to comfort myself with the fact that I don't actually need this course, but I'm still a bad student.

So instead of studying I've been vidding. Both yesterday and tonight. I promised Wiccy that I'd make her a Rodney/Carson vid, in like December, and still haven't finished it.

To be fair to me, I can't believe the amount of computer problems I've been having. First I wanted to wait until I got my new computer (not actually a problem), and then within 3 weeks I had to send it in to get repaired and they kept it for over a month, before I finally made them send me a new one. Luckily I got them to send me my hard drive with the vid saved on it. I finished it off, sent it off to be beta'd, and Wiccy asked me to change the ending. Then, my hard drive crashed, and I still haven't recovered anything.

Last night though, I decided to not wait for it to be salvaged, and instead just imported my saved version, chopped off the end, and fixed it up.

This would be fine except:
1) The quality of the beginning is crap compared to the end. And
2) I apparently changed the size of the screen res when I saved it the first time around, so the first part is shorter than the end.

*sigh* now I have to redo the entire first 2 minutes. :(:(:(:(:(:(
At least I know what goes where though, so it won't take me nearly as long.

I just really want to finish this one up, so I can get onto my Sweet Charity vids (so *they* won't take 5 months get done).
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