Paraka (paraka) wrote,

John Sheppard

I have to study for an exam, so of course I'm procrastinating. :D

So I've been thinking.

Everyone is the SGA fandom seem to be totally in love with John Sheppard. People may love Rodney more, but they still adore John. I mean, when you look at some of the major pairings in this fandom, they all have John in it (John/Rodney, John/Elizabeth). I'm on this one yahoo group that's always squeeing about Sheppard whump. A few weeks ago, I went on a search for Rodney whumping fics, and even then I was finding them more focused on John than Rodney.

Now, I'm not saying Rodney never gets attention, but still, you'll run across people that dislike him (or at least come across as not loving him. They'll portray him as more annoying than he is on the show, or as fat (which drives geeklite crazy :P)).

The thing is, while I don't hate John or anything, he really doesn't interest me that much. When he's on screen, I'm just kind of meh. I don't actually find him all that hot (I'm waayyy more attracted to Rodney than John). I know people pair him up with everyone, but honestly? The only John pairing that I'm comfortable reading is John/Rodney. *shrugs*

Maybe it's my Rodney bias shining through, but I have to ask, am I the only one not in love with John Sheppard?
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