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Random Post, in which I jump from topic to topic like whoa.

Gah, I love live journal. I really do, but it just churns up so many fics, I currently have 28 tabs open (When you have to scroll through the tabs for a couple seconds, you know you have too many windows open). And about 5 of those pages open? They're rec lists that I just found and want to check out. No Time!

Anyways I'm going to start transferring things to my To-Read list now, in the hopes of controlling the tabs (we're not even going to get into how long my to-read list is, lets just say it takes more than a few seconds to scroll through it all :S)

As soon as I get the tabs under control, I'm going to start drawing things for my meme (I was planning on starting earlier, but I only woke up at *11*, god I can't remember the last time I did that, normally a sleep in for me is 9:30).

Happy Birthday skoosiepants

I'm a huge lurker on your journal, but just wanted to wish you the best on your birthday!

Also, I've come to the conclusion I'm a lot more like my mom than I ever realized. She's one pair of binoculars short of being the town gossip, and I too just can't seem to keep my nose out of the latest wank going on even though I don't actually like it.

So I read hth_the_first's post. And at the time, I was kind of like, *agrees* because I have never understood ship wars, they just don't make sense to me, at. all. I mean, I understand liking one pairing over another, or not liking another, but trying to convince people that your pairing is better, or that their pairing is wrong, just seems like a huge waste of time to me, and besides it's kind of insulting.

I hadn't actually seen much of this behaviour, but I have seen enough (even though, I'm mostly a McShep fan) that i didn't find it *that* much of a stretch to believe it, but to find out that the bratty child type person who started all this was eleveninches? Wow.

In that post she wasn't really even talking about being a McShep fan. In fact she was talking about how she'd like to see some Teyla/Carson fic. And yeah, anyone who knows eleveninches at all, knows that how hth_the_first describes her is completely off.

Despite all this I still kind of lean in certain ways. I have been in groups and whatnot where people have made me feel uncomfortable for what I like, so I kind of sympathize with hth_the_first. And while I think she over reacted to the one post, and probably chose a bad one to respond too, I don't think she was actually being all that insulting to McShep fans. At least I didn't feel attacked at all, and I'm probably a perfect example of what someone in the comments referred to a "McSheep".

I remember, years ago, reading this silly forward, about "Things guys wished girls knew" and one of the lines on it was "If something we say can be taken two ways, one of which makes you feel hurt or angry, we meant the other way". I think people would do really well to think of this while online. People say thing, and yeah sometimes they hurt (I remember when I originally read eleveninches post and the comments, and yeah, I actually was hurt by a lot of what was being said), but people generally aren't doing it to make you feel bad. And even though what people say can hurt, they generally don't even mean what you think they mean.

Also, it helps to step back and remember that this is the internet, and really, should it hold so much power over you that it can make you so angry? So hurt? I know that it can sometimes be hard to remember that, but really it shouldn't hold so much power.
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