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Ok, another meme tonight, this time from ana_grrl (can you tell I should be studying? Updating *3* times in *1* day!)

Anyways, she chose 3 interests and icons and asked me to explain them so here goes.
Well as many of you know, I lived there for almost a year. But even before that I was interested, I remember in grade 10 or something we had to write a list of places we'd like to see, and someone asked me why I'd want to go to China, and I was like, Dude! They have a massive *wall*.

Well, in high school, I loved how it was explained (in really simplistic terms); it made you realize the power resting in your blood. I loved it so much, I tried to major in it (totally didn't work out, but I actually associate myself more closely with being a geneticist/scientist than I do with being a programmer (which is my current career goal).

Melanie Marcus
For those non-QaF fans on my list, Melanie was a lesbian on Queer as Folk. I mostly included her name in my interests because I put all the main casts names there, but beyond that I loved her a lot (I actually have a bit of a crush on her :). She's probably the second or third most abused character in QaF fics or at least B/J fics, with Mikey being the first, and Ethan possibly being the second). She was just a spunky character, who maybe spoke without thinking sometimes, but was all in all a great character (also, really *really* hot). :D

Geek porn, hmmm. Well, I will say it's one of the first SGA icons I ever got, and I probably picked it, because at the time I was a huge Carson/Rodney shipper, and it had both of them in it. I also love it, because really? I'm in the SGA fandom for the geeks, the military types are nice, but they aren't usually the ones I fall for.

Ah, Kinky. I love this icon, and hardly have a chance to use it. My friend Natalie made this during exams in second year. She could never remember the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats, so she scanned the unsaturated picture from the text book and added the Kinky! to remind her (because that's how they always talk about it in class, "unsaturated is kinky!") I then made it into an icon because science!kink is all that is fun. :D

This icon kind of has the same story as the geek porn. Also because I think sometimes Sheppard thinks of some missions that way. He's a military guy, and while he's geeky, I'm sure it's a bit weird to suddenly have to protect all the brains.

So, to continue the tradition, if you'd like me to choose some interests/icons for you, comment.

Also, this reminds me of a meme I did at least 2 years ago and enjoyed, so shall do again.

Comment here (make sure you specify which meme, or both if you'd like), and I'll choose one (or more) of your interests and draw you a picture about them.
Disclaimer: I suck so bad at drawing that they shall be no where near works of art, but instead things that are fun to point and laugh at.
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