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I can't count how many times in the past week or so I've stated that I'm not a writer. That I'm horrible at writing, that no one would want to read what I have to write, etc. So I find it kind of amusing that I choose this week to actually try writing a fanfic.

I've been thinking lately about what, in fic, annoys me personally, and one of the answers was writers who get Canada really wrong. It really shouldn't bother me, since for the most part, author's do a great job of writing about Canada. What gets me more is when people think Canada is a lot more foreign (in respect to the US) than it really is. Like sometimes they'll have Rodney say things that I've *never* heard another Canadian say. It sounds more British, or Australian, or sometimes even make believe than like a Canadian accent. Or when people assume he speaks French. I recently went on a vacation to Florida, and when my sister told our tour guide that she was a French teacher, he said something like "Well isn't that your main language up there?" Unless you live in Quebec, New Brunswick, or just tried really hard in school, chances are you don't speak more than a little bit of French. I mean I grew up in *Ottawa* and I don't speak French passably.

Anyways these thoughts somehow turned into fic thoughts.
I don't even know if anyone but me would find this funny, but basically, I'm writing a fic in which John and Rodney go to Canada, and it turns out that *every* Canadian stereotype applies to his life, and John is sitting there going "This can't be true! Canada isn't supposed to *be* like this!"

I was thinking of starting off by completely ignoring canon and have the boys visiting Rodney's loving parents in the arctic. Rodney's dad would be a Dudley Do Right/Fraser type Mountie. And at some point while dancing we'd discover that Rodney's mom was a lumber jack/log driver (that's where she learned to step lightly :P). John puzzles over how this can be, since they live above the tree line. There would also be igloos, dog sledding, beer, brawls, Tim Hortons and we discover that Rodney originally went to school on a hockey scholarship, but gave up on it and settled for MIT after a wrist injury destroyed his slap shot (he just couldn't stand the disappointment in students eyes at Canadian schools, also, what kind of wrist injury could it be?). Oh, and also, when they first arrive, everyone is speaking French, but switch to English for John's sake. I'd have them all speaking in heavy Newfie accents if I could pull it off, but I can't :( Also it might be a bit much.

I don't know if I'll ever finish writing this, or if I'll ever post it if I *do*, but I'm having far too much fun thinking about it. Can anyone else think of some stereotypes I'm missing that should be added? Or that will make me smile as I think about this :)
Oh, I think I might *have* to add something about Stephen Harper's hair, just for sunshineandrage even though she's not in the SGA fandom (although she totally *should* be, although I think everyone should be :P) Also, I need an "I love Canada" icon or something.
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