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I love fandom and their April Fools Jokes

Ok, so I know I totally missed out on April Fools, but there were actually some good fandom pranks pulled.

Joe Mallozzi took a picture of his desk with a script on it:
PREVIOUSLY ON STARGATE ATLANTIS: MCKay sacrifices himself to save the city/AU Rod takes his place on the team (Lifeline); the wraith are on the move (Reunion); Oberoth strikes a deal with the Genii (Tabula Rasa); Carter and Sheppard “connect” (The Seer).

The team approach Lucious, surrounded by busty babes

Colonel, back so soon!

Carter places her hand on the personal shield. It glows brightly as her Ancient gene activates its dormant powers. A member of the French team, Dr. Avril Poissons notes-

Colonel, you're not going to believe...
He even had David Nykle sort of follow up on it:
I just had to post this very quickly, because I still can't quite believe it: I just had a lengthy phone call with Joe Mallozi and he told me that they've been discussing having Zelenka replace McKay as Chief Science Officer of Atlantis! Can you believe it! How awesome is that!
Details are not certain yet, but he said they'd like to do it in the mid season two parter after an "incident" befalls Rodney on Sateda. "Can I tell the fans?" I asked. "Go ahead", said Joe.
How 'bout that?!!!
sga_newsletter put up a fake webpage with:
Insider sources have revealed some more shocking developments up ahead for us in Season 4 of Stargate Atlantis. After rumours have been going around for a while now that David Hewlett might consider cutting down on his involvement with the Stargate franchise to have more time for his numerous projects outside the show, this seems to tie in directly to the news we have received about a possible upcoming storyline:
This storyline will concern not only Rodney McKay but also fan favorite Elizabeth Weir. After suffering a severe head injury it looks for a while as if we have to fear for the departure of our beloved leader but Rodney, once again to the rescue, will embark on his final journey, saving her life.
After having been declared brain dead, there seems to be no hope for Elizabeth but with the help of some newly discovered Ancient device McKay manages to transplant his own consciousness into Weir trying to fix what is broken. In the end he can't do more than watch the wasteland that has become her brain. And, to make matters even more difficult, he can't find a way back into his own body. For an as of yet unknown time, it seems we will have Tori Higginson playing the role of Dr. McKay on the show, freeing David Hewlett for some of his own projects and yet still allowing a way back for him in the future.
The Producers hope to keep the interest of all die hard McKay fans while at the same time allowing Tori Higginson to stay on board for yet another wonderful season on Stargate Atlantis. There might even be a future romantic entangelement between Sheppard and our new Weir/McKay hybrid that fans have already lovingly dubbed: McWeird! I love the McWeird ship :P

Once again, the new casting updates for Season 4 keep us on our toes. Kevin Sorbo, once planned to play the role of our hero John Sheppard and later on almost cast as Specialist Ronon Dex, will now finally join in on the action. Sorbo, having reached the height of his fame as Hercules on the TV Show 'Hercules' will take over the role of a barista in the upcoming Season.
"I'm going to play a man who tries to make his fortune opening a coffee shop on Atlantis" says Sorbo in a recent interview. "I am trying to restore dignity to the profession of barista, showing that coffee is after all, what unites us as people."

Latest Scoop!
-Ronon's long lost daughter is coming to Atlantis looking for her fathe!
-Sheppard's real IQ revealed!
-New SG Franchise show will be a continuation of the adventures of our favorite Irresistable Character on SGA
-Carson's daughter coming to Atlantis looking to revenge her father- will she try to hide her heritage by faking an irish accent? Stay tuned for more...
Might have been slightly more believable if they hadn't had two daughter stories....

Anyways, I had a good laugh.

I remember it was 2 years ago around this time that I went to the QaF prop sale. I remember because when I made a post saying I was going, and would anyone like me to buy them anything, a bunch of people thought it was an April's fool joke. I'm not actually that mean.
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