Paraka (paraka) wrote,

My Bus Rides

So normally when I go to school, I take the 7 to St. Laurent, and then catch the 95 all the way to school. It takes just under an hour for it all. The only thing is, unless you catch the bus during rush hour the timing isn't always very regular, so I often end up missing the bus and having to wait 15-20 minutes for the next.

My roommate recently informed me that it's actually faster to catch the 7 going in the opposite direction and then get off at the Rideau Centre, run across the mall, and catch the 95 on the other side.

I wanted to wait until I had a bit more free time (in case something goes wrong) to try it, but well, this morning when I went to the bus stop, I saw it driving past so decided to try it out. It isn't actually any faster, it just got me there earlier because I was able to catch the 7 earlier.

While I was running through the mall though, I saw a computer store so decided to take that route on my way home so I could see about getting a SATA enclosure. The real fun started though when I tried to catch the 7 to go home. I saw it pull up on the other side of the road, so made a run for it, and *just* made it.

Unfortunately I was so intent on catching the bus, I didn't notice that I caught it in the wrong direction *doh*!

Which leads to Things I noticed while being on mixed up buses today.

1) When I got off the 7 to catch it in the opposite direction, I was right in front of the parliament buildings. They're kind of gothic and dark, but really? I love them. They're such beautiful buildings. Actually that's one of the things I love about Ottawa, we have so many older buildings that just add so much beauty and character to the city.

2) I passed a store called Fandom. I'm really curious as to what they sell, and think I may have to make a trip downtown at some point to find out (assuming I can find the place again...).

3) Apparently the RCMP stables for The Musical Ride is like a 5 minute walk from my house. Kinda cool. I knew there was a police station somewhere nearby since I can always hear the sirens, but I've never seen anyone on horseback. Granted it's not like the RCMP would be patrolling this part of town, it is the OPPs duristriction.

Also, after all that fun with mixed up busses, I realized as I turned onto my street, that I forgot my keys. *headdesk* So now I'm holed up at the library waiting for my roommate to get home, in, oh, I don't know 3-4 hours. :((
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