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School and Randomness

So apparently once I decide I'm going to go back to updating my LJ there's no stopping the randomness.

I had a midterm today, and I have serious doubts as to whether I passed it or not. There were like 6 questions, and I only did one. Granted the one was worth more than %60 of the test, but still I wasn't able to finish it.

The other questions, I don't think were supposed to be hard, but well, one of the hazards of group work they were the sections my partner had done on the relative assignment. Also, I had missed a week of class for my vacation, and he had explained how to answer part of a question then (he even made mention of it in the question :P)

Oh well, we shall see. My partner for this class actually dropped the course last week, and the teacher asked about her, saying she was doing ok in the class, which makes me happy because that means *I'm* doing ok. I don't need an amazing mark, I just need, well actually I think I need at least a C.

See the thing is I'm thinking of changing programs. My school offers 2 programming courses, one super hard, that covers *everything* (guess which one I'm in) and one that's more focused.

The one I'm in now, I think is too hard for me, it's also a lot broader than I'll need for my planned future career (seriously this semester alone we're learning 7 different languages at once!). If I take the other course, I can still graduate at the same time as I would from this program (or sooner, since apparently it generally takes people longer than the specified 3 years, they accept like 200 people in the first semester, by the 6th they only have 30, what does *that* tell you).

The main downside of taking this different course though, is that with the exemptions I'll get, and the schedule they have, I would finish this semester and not be able to start up again until January. :-/ Now I'd definitely have a job for that time, but still....

And in keeping with the randomness, I think I need to go to the Dr.'s. I have a vitamin B-12 deficiency and get a shot sometimes to make up for it. It's been a few months now since I last got one, and I think it's time I go again. The shot is supposed to stop me from being tired, and mostly I don't really notice it, but the past few days I've been sleeping all night, and then taking naps in the afternoon. That's just not right. There's no *reason* for me to be tired, but I just can't keep awake. I'm also pretty listless, and now's really not a good time for this. I have stuff I *should* be working on, but I just can't seem to make myself.

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