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Random Update

So yes, Sweet Charity is now closed for bidding. In total we raised $10,821.22 USD, $9,033.82 of which has already been paid. I personally went for $31.99 which makes me very happy (more than last year!). It's also official, I'm going to be making a Supernatural vid, so expanding my vidding horizons! Within 2 months I'll have finished vids in 3 different fandoms!
Now, I just need to *watch* Supernatural :P I've seen the first season and it was great, but it didn't grip me so much that I felt the need to watch the eps as they air. Mostly I prefer marathons over weekly eps. Luckily my room mate has them all downloaded so I don't have to worry about that.

Non-fandom related.
-I have a midterm tomorrow, that I *sooo* haven't been studying for. I've been bored all afternoon, but still haven't studied at all. (And I wonder why I fail things)
-I dropped some courses (nooo way was I going to be able to pass them, also, I'm switching programs and don't actually need the courses I dropped, so I feel no shame), and now I have way more "free" time, so I'm going back to working part time. Because I had gone a couple months between working, I have to go and sign all that lovely paper work again, and surprise surprise, I got a raise! I didn't even ask for it, but they gave me a $2 raise! That's pretty big for me, since I normally get like a $.50 raise when I return, not a $2 one! You know, it may not be the best job, but they really treat me well. :D
-I'm going to be moving in like a month. I can't believe that the school year is coming to a close. Also, it seems like it's been waaaayyyy more than a year since I've been in China.
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