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OMG, I think I'm going to kill something!

So, a recap before we begin.
-At about mid-January my computer was having problems re-charging
-By the end of January, it wasn't charging at all, so I sent it into Gateway to be fixed.
-By the end of February I still didn't have it back.
-I used my mom's computer in the meantime, but then, like a week to the end of February, the fan on it blew, and it wouldn't turn on.
-So really desperate (and out of a computer) I harassed Gateway for about 2 weeks, and got them to give me a new computer, and send me the hard drive out of the old one.
-Beginning of March I get the "new" computer.
-My mom's is still in for repairs.

Tonight though, I was on my computer, and everything was going fine. Sure it was running a bit slow since I was running a *lot* of things (4 heavy programs) but still my computer was handling it fine.

Then, all of a sudden, it shuts down. When it tries to restart it takes me to a screen saying something like "Your computer shut down unexpectedly, if this happened blah blah blah, or if this happened blah, blah, blah. Start: in Safe mode, to last working configuration, normally."

I tried all of these options, and it didn't work! It would try to start Windows, fail, go to a BSOD with, probably, the answers as to WTF is going on, for about 2 seconds (seriously it wasn't even enough time for me to take a *picture* of it) and then restarts and repeats the whole process.

Hi, my name is Lindsay, the Break of Computers.
Kill me now. Or Gateway, either works.

I wasn't able to really read the BSOD, but at the bottom it said something like "Technical Information" and what looked like address location. So I switched hard drives (I had been using the one from my old computer, and now have the "new" one in."

At least my computer is working, but I'm going to cry, long and hard, if I can't get the data off of the old one. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now, and back shit up. *cries*

I seriously hate my life at the moment.
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