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So, given a bit of time, I'm looking less orange. My leg is still spotted, and it's weird for me to look at my skin since it's the *wrong* colour, but it's not a bad colour.

This whole trip is stressing me out though. I have a big assignment due tomorrow night, and I still have to pack, get 2 labs done, and little assignment. I'm also going to have to drop two of my courses, and I've applied for an exemption for a third. Half my classes gone, and I'm still stressed. I really think I need to switch out of this course.

But onto less depressing, a meme from scatterheart
Leave a comment here and I'll pick one or a few of your profile interests and you should tell in your journal why you're interested in this. I was given

Drew Boyd
For those of you who haven't watched Queer as Folk, Drew Boyd was an in the closet football player who ended up having an affair with Emmett. When we first see him, he was being an ass, and well, actually he spent a lot of time being an ass, but sometimes, this huge sweet heart would shine through.
I don't remember it all that well now, but even though he'd do all these things to show that he wasn't really gay, and what he had with Emmett was just a little fling, he'd also sometimes do the exact opposite. I think I remember him going against one of his personal rules for Emmett, but I could be misremembering. I do know that he *tried* like going on a date (even if it wasn't really public). I was sad when they broke up at the end of season 4.
And then in season 5, he was even more cute. He ran back to Emmett, and during an interview on TV the interviewer totally laughed at the idea of Drew being gay, and instead of denying it, he got up and kissed Emmett right on TV. *sigh*
He was really great in season 5, except for the last bit, which I choose to ignore as the writers being political. Emmett and Drew are still together in my mind! and

Well, at the time when this was added, I was actually in school taking Molecular Biology and Genetics. I really do like genetics, but the molecular bio bit was a bit harder, and had less love.
Genetics just have so much possibility! Out entire history as a human race has been recorded in our genes. And studying them, and unlocking their secrets can give us so much.
The thing is though, I was more interested in the statistical aspect of genetics, and as I said, I was all that great at the molectual bio part, so it didn't turn out so great in the long run :(.

So yes, there's probably more I want to say, but I can't think of it right now. Anyone want to do my Linux Bash programming homework for me?
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