Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Guess what, I'm Orange

I know you're all probably dying of shock over how many posts I've been making. :P

So, as some of you may or may not know, I'm leaving Friday for Florida (carr0ts1979 what day are you going to Disney?).

To that end, my sister decided that we should all get tans (because otherwise we'd blind the natives in out swim suits.). Now, I'm white, my whole family is, and I don't mean white as in causation, I mean white as in, glowing in the dark white. The Pillsbury dough boy is a not so distant relative of mine.

To that end, when out in the sun, we all go from pasty white to lobster red to back again (repeat enough times and we skip tanned and go straight to skin cancer, as my father and sister have found out :-\). So real tans were out.

So instead we got those spray on tan things. You know, where you stand naked in a box and get sprayed all over? I was the only one ho hadn't done it before. My other sisters got it done for Jenn's wedding. I'm also the one who came out looking horrible.

Jenn looked beautiful, Andrea, looked a little grubby, but it'll tone down. I on the other hand am splotchy, and orange, and one leg has spots! I'd post pictures, but, really, it's just too bad for words. God.
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