Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Domain Names

So I think I've updated more in the last few weeks than I have in the last few months but whatever. :P

So, I've been looking at webpages. I don't really know why. I already have an account with Dreamhost, that's currently supporting 3 sites.

I just recently bought an account with Netfirms, that's hosting one page currently, and I plan on adding another page (A Numb3rs site).

But well, my main use for webpages lately have been illegal uploads for others, and I don't really want them on the same account as actual websites in case they get taken down. (Like what was going on with Dreamhost that prompted this recent frenzy of purchasing)

So, SurpassHosting has this "One Love" sale going on in which you can get a ridiculously large account for a year for only $1, so I figure, hey, can't go wrong with that! This deal is made slightly less great though, by the fact that, unlike most plans out there, it doesn't include a free domain name, and they charge $16 to register with them. I also don't really have any domains I want to transfer over to it. :(

So, now I'm looking into finding domain registrars.
I asked around, and GoDaddy seems to have really good customer service (although I don't know why I'd need it...) and currently has .info domains going for $.99, or if you get 3 you get free domain privacy (so my address isn't being broadcasted across the net). So at $4 it's seems to be the best deal in town.

I'm thinking one of those domains will be

Any other suggestions?

carr0ts1979, you want your own domain name?

Also, I still need a good name for a Numb3rs website...

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