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When I was in the QaF fandom, I'd read pretty much anything I came across. I'll admit, I didn't have the highest standards then. I remember telling raxhel about some of the fics I was reading, and she'd be wincing, and asking my why the hell I was wasting my time on crap like this, but, really, I was ok with it.

Then, when I moved out of the QaF fandom and into others, well they were fandoms that raxhel was already in, so she sent me links to all the best fic she had come across, so I didn't need to wade through all the crappy stuff. It's gotten to the point where basically, I won't read a fic unless, 1) it's been rec'ed somewhere, or 2) I really like the author. Even so I still come across some less than stellar fics, but, wow, it's just no where near the level of bad of reading anything you come across.

Me and another girl are trying to set up a rec site for the Numb3rs fandom. Normally I find fic in a new fandom by looking at other people's rec sites. Numb3rs in kind of a small fandom though, and well, what's the point of making a rec site if you're just repeating someone else's? So I decided to just go to a Numb3rs fic community and read through the fic posted.

O.M.G! My eyes! They bleed from the bad fic! It's just, have the authors even *watched* the show!? Because there's OOC and then there's "Hi, I'm a character who happens to have the same name as this guy from this show". I don't know if I can do this.
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