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School *sigh*

School's really getting to me. Last semester was, well not easy, everything was new, but still not killer hard either. I also still had lower standards from university. But I did well last semester. Really well. And now I have standards damnit! And plans! Plans that can be ruined by bad marks. And all of my classes are turning out to be kind of a disappointment:

The Science of Science Fiction
-Well this class isn't as fun as it sounds, but beyond that, I have *no time* for it. It's all online, and there's no communication from anyone, and well, I've decided I'm going to drop it. I just need an gen ed, and I can get an exemption to cover for it. I was just taking this because it sounded kind of fun.

-This class is a joke. I probably should have applied for an exemption for it, but well, I was afraid we'd cover *something* new and I didn't want to miss out. We aren't though. It's still *high* school math. God, I just don't want to miss out on the stuff I learned in Uni, since I didn't learn it that well the first time around, but this stuff is a joke.

Web Programming
-In this class the teacher actively discourages us from showing up at the labs or lectures. He basically wants us to teach ourselves, whcih we kind of need to do, because he's not all that great at teaching it even when you *do* show up. Also, I already know basic HTML.

Linux/Unix Shell Programming
-This so far is my least disappointing class. The teacher's a good guy, and not bad at teaching either. And the work is all doable.

Assembly Language
-Well, I like my teacher in this course, I'm just not really learning anything. Nor do I feel he explains things properly. I mean, he just seems to ask for so much from us, and I have no idea when we were supposed to have learned it! I feel so behind. I was practically crying last lab, because I had no friggin' clue how to go about what he had assigned us.

Intro to OOP
-OMG I hate this class. Well, ok,I don't hate the subject. In fact, I actually really like the subject, and am really interested in it. But the teacher is a total ass. I mean it, he's rude, and intimidating, and the worse thing is, it's getting to me. He's made me cry, and I'm afraid of him. I had nightmares 2 nights in a row about going to his class. I really, really, hate the guy. I've even considered dropping the course and taking it later when he's not the teacher, but well, it kind of makes me feel like I'm running away.

God I really wanted to go into a nice long rant, but well, I've already done it twice tonight over the phone, and seriously have been crying on and off for two hours, and now I have a headache.

Also, I think I've kind of worked out a plan of action, so it's making me feel better too. Sigh.
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