Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Advice needed

Updating two days in a row, let all try not to expire from shock :P

Is there anyone on my flist who's a Numb3rs fan? I've noticed that there seems to be a sad lack of a fic archive, so I've been working with a friend on setting one up. But, I totally suck at names. Does anyone have some suggestions?

Also, to my flist in general, what kind of archives do you prefer. I've used eFiction in the past and it works pretty well for me, but the girl I'm working on this with, likes coding archives herself using html.

I personally like the automated kind. Less work, for both the mod, and the readers, since there are a lot of nice features with eFiction. But this friend has been making a good case for html.

So as a fic reader which do you prefer?
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