Paraka (paraka) wrote,

*is nervous*

Hey Flist,
I know I've been ignoring you of late, and I'm sorry, but I've got a question, and I hope you guys can help me.

So, my webpage is hosted on Dreamhost. So far I've loved it to pieces, and haven't had any problems. I not only host my webpage, I also host carr0ts1979,, another fic page, some other peoples vids, and some questionable videos.

I've heard some rumours lately that there has been a crack down on dreamhost pages that house such questionable videos as my own does, and I'm getting nervous. Has anyone heard any specifics? What happened to the people that it happened to. Did they have any warning? Did they lose everything, including their money? I don't want to get into a panic and rip everything down. But if it comes down to possibly losing everything, or playing it safe, well I have too much other stuff on my server to risk it....
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