Paraka (paraka) wrote,

My Mom's so awesome!

My mom *hates* cats. No, I'm serious, she hates them with the firey passion of a thousand suns! She won't touch them, and if she finds any of them on our property she'll chase them away, generally with the hose (and we live in the country where many people have cats running about outside).

But, I'm having money problems. I'm in school, and I'm not receiving any money in the way of scholarships or loans.I *was* working, but only a few hours a week, but with my schedule this semester, which is all over the place, I can't really work (it's a 9-5 kind of job that I have and I only have like an hour here or an hour there). I could get another job, but I haven't yet. I'm not totally desperate, and well, I'm only getting home from school between 7-9 most nights anyways, so it might still be hard to fit hours in. Plus my parents are totally willing to help me, I just feel bad about it.

Anyways, to help with my money situation, I was thinking of moving back home over the summer and carpooling to work with my Dad. But then I remembered, I have a cat. She used to by raxhel's cat, so during the summer she just kept her, but I traded my Chinese cat Ying, for Tigger so she's mine now. And I can't ask Sara to take Tigger for the summer, since she has a room mate that's really allergic to Tigger, and well, Ying always tries to attack Tigger. Plus, I haven't asked raxhel or anything, but I don't think she really *wants* Tigger back regardless.

Today though, my mom called me. And she said, that next time I come visit for the weekend, I should bring Tigger, and she'll try and see how they get along, because she'd consider letting me bring Tigger home with me for the summer! <3! I just can't explain what a big deal this is for her! Aww, mom, I love you sooo much!

I should probably say something fandom-y while I'm here, but.... I got nothing.

I'm half way through a new QaF vid, but well, it's kind of been stalled, and it's now saved on a computer that isn't mine, so I wouldn't hold your breath for it.

I'm supposed to be starting a SGA vid today for the Save Carson Beckett Campaign but I'm trying to re-arrange space on my computer first, and I just realize I only have like 3 eps on my computer right now, so maybe not today if I have to re-download everything....
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