Paraka (paraka) wrote,

I am too old for this....

Oh *god* I can't wait to move out of my parents house. 18 more days, just 18 more days.

All summer it's been fine living here. I haven't been really depressed, like I was last year, and my mom's pretty much been so happy to have be back in the country and back in school that she's been laying off. But really it can only last so long.

I'm a really independent person. I don't like having to rely on other people, so staying at home wasn't really an option in my head. I didn't want to move out as soon as I got back to Canada, but the longest I saw myself staying at home would *possibly* be the school year. Every time I though about it though, it just got shorter. Started as the year, then the semester, then well as long as it would take to recover from the surgery (which thank god I ended up not needing)…. Then an acquaintance of mine, someone I met through the internet oddly enough, asked me if I would be interested in moving in with her. Now I know just the fact that she's an "internet friend" is enough to freak people out. When I got into Stargate though, I went searching through Yahoo for groups to join, and there was one called Ottawa Stargate where people just meet up at restaurants to talk about the show. That's where I met this friend. So we've really only known each other in RL.

She was super nice when we met, and really made me feel welcome and comfortable, plus she has a really *nice* house, and isn't asking all that much for rent. So I said yes. Well really that's when I started to feel uncomfortable around the house. My mom is in denial. She thinks I'm moving into a ghetto, even though she's never been to the house. When ever I try to talk about moving, or try to plan things, she'll change the subject as fast as she can, but not before telling me why I'm making a huge mistake. And the most annoying thing is she won't listen to me when I explain that no it's not a mistake because a, b, and c. She just tunes it out. *sigh* I should be used to it now, she did the same for China. I guess I'll just have to do everything myself. That’s ok, like I said I’m independent I can handle it, it just seems like such a crock since my mom always goes on about how out family is always there for each other. Really what she means is we should all be at home for her. My older sister is married and lives 5 hours away and my mom still tries to control her.

Anyways, the newest thing that has me counting down the days is my little sister. My parents always call my sisters and I their little princesses (yes I know…) and really it’s not that far off. I’ll admit we’re pretty spoiled, I can see it in all of us. Jen always needs to be the centre of attention, to some real extremes, like when she was angry at my uncle for getting married the same summer as her since it stole some of her limelight.

I know I’m spoiled, like I always expect my family to be there for me. I try not be in a position where I need them, but I get really hurt when they’re not there for me. I’m sure others who know me could go into greater detail about how else I’m spoiled, but it’s harder to see it in yourself.

Andrea on the other hand, well I’ve always noticed it most in her. Mostly since Jen moved out when I was 13 and we never really hung out that much, but Andrea and I we’re closer. I guess it’s also different for her since she’s youngest and pretty much grew up in a time when our family had money. When I was a kid my mom was stay at home, and I remember that sometimes we just didn’t have money, but Andrea never had that so she always asks for whatever she wants. She doesn’t always get it (we’re not *that* spoiled) but she always asks. I mean she works, and makes more money then *I* do, but she’ll still ask our parents for money if she’s going to the movies. I mean come on.

Anyways part of the princess complex is she expects to be driven everywhere. Her work isn’t all that far from school, but she gets off school like 2:30 and doesn’t work until 5, so if she’s going to walk she has a long time to wait. We live in the country so if she takes the bus (school bus, we don’t really get public transpo) home she needs a ride to work. I mean that’s a really sucky wait, but she always *expects* a ride. My dad often has to leave work at 4 and take work home with him so he can drive her. I desperately need money (‘cause I don’t want to have to ask my parents for any in a year), but on the one day I can work a week, I leave at 4 so I can drive her to work.

Yesterday I managed to get the car for the day, so I volunteered to drive Andrea to work so my dad could get a full day in. Well just a bit before we would have left the phone rings. It was Jen, and she’d had a bit of a hard day the day before. She was just giving me a quick run down when Andrea comes up and motions that it’s time to go, then goes outside. I let Jen finish up and start to say goodbye, when Andrea comes in *screeching* that “OMG I’m going to be late, we need to leave NOW” She could just come in and tap her watch, or calmly say “Yo we need to go” no she came in yelling. So I yell at her to wait outside, and say goodbye to Jen. Well we were running a bit late so I went a little faster then normal. I mean almost the whole way to her work it’s straight country roads.

As we get in, just in time I snark to Andrea, about how she threw a hissy fit about being late. She starts screeching about how fast I was going. I would have totally left it at that, except She. Told. My. Parents. You’d think she’d be past the age of tattle tailing. Hell I feel 5 just writing the word. But she didn’t just say “Lindsay drove really fast” no, she told them that I went 130 the whole way, which is actually impossible. I’ll admit, I generally go 110 down that road, and was going about 120 since we were late, but not 130. Not that 130 is unheard of on this road. Long. Straight. Country. Road. It’s a highway without the traffic. She also tells them that it was dangerous, and she didn’t feel safe, and don’t ever make her drive with me again. OMG *headdesk*

So I try to talk calmly to her about it tonight. In the car. As I drive her home from work. *sigh* I’m sure you can see where this is going. She spend the whole time completely ignoring the fact that she spazed out on me then attacks my driving. I’ll admit, I haven’t been driving for ever, but I somehow feel that my 5 years of driving beats out her 7 months of driving (a few weeks ago when I was driving with her she stopped for a stop sign in the middle of the intersection…). I told her that I was pissed off at her and, well, she honestly felt that she could have died. *rolls eyes*

She said, “what if we hit a pothole and ended up in the ditch” What the hell kind of potholes does she drive over? Plus I drive this road like at *least* 10 times a week, I know where the potholes are. The biggest danger on that road is animals actually. Cows and deer. Cows are friggin’ huge though, and don’t really move, so if there’s one on the road you know waayyy ahead of time. Plus they’re fenced in so don’t often make it to the road. This road also has really big ditches, and deer don’t actually just run across the road, they spend a lot of time thinking about it, so you see them before they make the move, at least during the day, night is different.

I mean what the hell is up with her. I didn’t show up drunk. I wasn’t fish tailing down the road. I drove a little fast and was always in complete control.

She also told me that she hopes I get caught by the police, and mom and dad make me pay the ticket. WTF? My response to that was, “You’d ask mom and dad to pay your tickets?”

Eck, we’re apparently not talking now, whatever. God, I just want to move out. Now. I think I’m going to spend this week throwing myself into the move.
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