Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Calling all Canadians!

Ok, I just got back from the movies, and I'm telling you, you have to go see Bon Cop, Bad Cop! It was great!

Sooooo funny! Seriously the entire theater was cracking up. There was this one man in the front trying desperately not to laugh, but it wasn't working so there were these little low pitched giggles coming from the front.

The movie it self started off a bit dark (it was a murder scene) but as soon as the two cops meet, well that's when you start laughing and you just don't stop.

Favourite parts:
-The French police chief!
-The guys pretending they don't understand each other (esp. during the fight :D)
-Dave during the ballet recital
-Dave and Martin and the bad guy discussing how to conjugate "fuck" (the French version)
-The autopsy guy, even though he was speaking too fast for me to get it all. (tattoo!)
-The guys on "Hockey Night in Canada"
-The ensuing fight!
-The tie!!
-The beaver!
-Ok, I have to stop now :P

Other things:
-It's too bad they couldn't have actually gotten Don Cherry, but Rick Mercer played a cool kind of equivalent.
-The fact that there was an entire discussion about His Greatness, and even though that's all they called him, everyone still knew who it was :P
-The only thing that bothered me a bit was, why the hell did they have Martin from Toronto? I can't think of a single place along the Ontario/Quebec border that would have a cop from Montreal and Toronto on it. It would have made so much more sense had he been from Ottawa. Ahh well.

I'd squee some more, but I actually have a ton of things to do, and am already falling asleep :(
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