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So... today was my first day back at school. It went pretty well. I'm taking Computer Science at Algonquin College, one of the local colleges. The down side to this of course being I'm living at home, but the plus side is I'm close to Fisher where I work in the summer, and they're letting me stay on. Hopefully this means that I'll be making/saving enough money to live on my own soon. I don't really know anyone in Ottawa though, so it's still kind of lonely. I really miss raxhel, but I met some nice people already today so things are looking up.

-So first class of the first day of my Computer Engineering Technology diploma and the Fundamentals teacher can't seem to get the over head to work. I find that very amusing.

-Included in our tuition is a "kit" that consists of a 80GB hard drive (we just use that for all of our various labs and install it in whatever computer we're using), a nifty screw driver, wrist grounders, 3 year subscription to Panda Platinum, :Windows XP Professional with SP2, Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional, Project Professional 2003, Visio Professional 2003, Windows 2000 Professional with SP4, Windows 2000 Advanced Server with SP4, Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition, and Visual Studio .NET 2005 Professional. I'm not quite sure how this works yet. I'm not sure if it's just something Microsoft throws at computer science students in the hopes of preventing them from switching over to other companies, or if I actually need these for class. I mean I doubt I'm going to need both XP and 2000... but still you can't go wrong with thousands of dollars worth of free software :D

-I got so very very lost. I'm sure come winter I'll be appreciating this muchly, but all of Algonquin's building are connected so it's really easy to get turned around.

-I arrived late to math class (see above point), and well seeing the course outline I really didn't miss much. During today's lecture he introduced Pythagoras' theorem as well as the topic for the next 5 weeks, Trigonometry. *head desk* I mean it's been a while since I've been in high school math, but come on! I can still rattle off the quadratic equation off the top of my head and that's the last topic before the exam! I stayed after class to speak to the teacher about maybe getting out of his class. He was really nice actually, I felt kind of bad saying I wanted to drop his course like a ton bricks. :P Actually most of the class was groaning since they all just came out of high school and know it too, but since I took Calculus at Guelph I'm hoping they'll let me out of this. I'm going to see the registrar tomorrow to see about it.
->Related: While asking the prof if he thought this class would be a waste of my time, he asked me if I went to South Carleton for high school (which I had) and seemed pretty damned impressed over the fact that I got a 77% in grade 12 Advanced Functions & Intro Calc (my lowest mark of the year of that semester) and a 86% on Math & Data Management. So much so actually he offered to recommend me as a tutor to anyone in this class needing help (which I thought was pretty funny since while discussing my Calc class at Guelph I did admit that I failed it the first time around).

Slightly related I have a Dr.'s appointment with the specialist on Thursday.

So it's mostly stopped hurting, and I can bend the second knuckle a bit. Still haven't tried the first one. Hopefully this visit will give me the all clear and I can slowly start using it again. Like I said it doesn't hurt that much, but I can't move it and the broken knuckle has this big bulge to it. I really hope that's normal because it would seriously screw up my first year back to school (in *computers*) if I had to get surgery. I'm just trying to convince myself I'm a hypochondriac at the moment, and actually it's working pretty well.

On the bad-ish side the only day the Dr. I'm seeing takes appointment is Thursday. The appointment I have is right over my Comp Tech Fundamental's lab. Of all of the classes I've had today the teacher's all wrote their names up on the board along with their e-mails, office, and one even gave his phone number. All that is except the Comp Tech Fund prof. He was also the only prof that didn't finish the class early, he even went over time. I tried to stay after class to talk to him, but 1) I only had 5 minutes to get to my next class, and 2) he was being swarmed by other students (who apparently knew more then him) trying to help him figure out how to make his computer interface with the projector.

I've also tried looking for information on him on the school's webpage, but no luck so far. I'm hoping to find someone to ask tomorrow, or if worse comes to worse the class for the lab I'm missing has 2 other lab times, and one is tomorrow at 4, so I might just show up for that one early and ask if I can join it.

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