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I haven't been able to vid since before I left China. While in China I had started an SGA vid (which was turing out pretty cool if I do say so myself), but then I got a virus and was forced to wipe my computer. I saved the work I had done, but it's been pretty useless so far. :(

First of all, I didn't have a power cord to plug my computer in, so the battery was slowly dying. Then I had to reinstall Adobe Premiere, then it turns out I didn't wipe my computer properly so had to do it all over again.

I finally got my computer clean, and Adobe installed. Then the real problems started. Even though I had no problems watching the eps in a media player, when I tried importing them into Adobe, I would only get sound, no visuals. Classic sign on a missing codec, so I downloaded DivX to my computer.

This brought me a step closer, when I would try and import the file, my computer would start to hyperventalate. Seriously the fans would start a-whirring, and the little DivX icon on my start bar would start to flash. This would freeze my computer completely, and I'd have to do a Ctrl+Alt+Delete to close the program down, then when I'd reopen it, the file would be there, but if I tried to look at it, it'd say "Unsupported bit rate."

I grew tired of this, uninstalled DivX, and instead installed Nemo Codecs (with DivX). Now things import, but! When I put it on the time line, it shows as black. When I try and view just the clip in the preview window, it shows sound and picture, but the PICTURE IS *UPSIDE DOWN*!

At this rate, I will never vid again.
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