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You know you're in China when....

The Chinese are a bit obsessed with tea. I don't really like tea, but I've learned to drink it, because where ever you go, they make you a cup. Hell half the times in restaurants instead of a free glass of water you get a pot of tea. When my uncle came to visit we stopped at a Hagen Das (most expensive ice cream *ever*), and he was a bit disgusted to see that they had tea flavoured ice cream. I was really bother by the fact that Roy our Chinese guide ordered it!

I think it's going just a bit too far though, when you can get tea flavoured tooth paste!!!

I'm soooo glad I brought tooth past from home. It's lasted me up to now, but with one month to go, I finally ran out. Last time I bought a tooth brush it came with a free tube of tooth past; lemon flavoured. I used it this morning, it seemed a bit familiar to me. As I was brushing I kept thinking of summer... and mosquitoes. About half way through, I realized that I was brushing my teeth with a tooth paste version of a citronella candle!

So today raxhel and I went to the store to get some new tooth past. They had an entire *wall* of it, but nothing I wanted to put in my mouth. We finally narrowed it down to 3 choices, one that we were pretty sure was mint, but in a huge double package (we only have a month to go), one with summer flowers on it, and one with, what I thought was spearmint leaves. We vitoed to double pack, and I refused to get something with summer flowers on the box, so yes we ended up with not-so-much-spearmint-but-really-tea tooth paste.

Oh *god* I just made a post about *tooth paste*

I've got to get back to Canada...

Sweet Charity: Buy Me, Baby
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