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Grand Opening!!

I realize that most people on my flist are into QaF, but I've recently joined a new(for me) fandom, and had to share some news.

When I came to China, I didn't have a computer nor access to the internet, so whenever I wanted to read fic I read stories that raxhel had saved on her compter. Enter Harry Potter fandom. I've sort of been interested in Harry/Snape ever since bzzinglikeneon posted a link that brought me to an icon/comic with Harry and Snape that I just thought was too cute. So for the past 3 months I've been reading every Snarry fic I could get my hands on. The best crack dealer on the web for this sort of thing was a site called Detention. It was a really great website, which seemed to be *the* place to post Snarry fics. And beyond that it was moderated so that the didn't really have all of the crappy Bad!Fic that is so prevalent on BJFic. I mean some of them had weak story lines, but you never ran accros any "LiKE OMG!!! He THEN went to teh d oor and and saiD i H8 U!!!!11"
The only thing is the person who owned it got into a disagreement with those who help her run it (long story, I'm not going to get into it) and on Dec 9, she took it off line. This left a huge hole in the Snarry fandom, so mimiheart suggested some of us get together and build a new archive.

So I'm proud to announce the grand opening of!

So to anyone on my list who has either written, likes to read, or is interested in reading Snarry fanfic, or would like to post/see some beautiful artwork, head on over and check it out!

Note: I'm in the process of customizing the layout, but I need artwork to do that. I'm mostly done a layout using one persons art, but I don't have permission to use it yet. I've e-mailed her but am waiting for a reply. If anyone out here would like to share their Snarry art, I'd love to see it!
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