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Questions for all you Canadians out there...

So I hear there's going to be an election in a few months. What I want to know is, can I still vote even though I'm in China? I don't live all that far away from an embassy, so can I go there and vote? I know the for a local election not to long ago, Sara had someone else vote in her name...

I just feel that there's too much going on for me not to vote.

(Being in China has made me really behind on polotics, so if anyone wants to jump in with a correction, go for it)
*sigh* not that there's really anyone to vote *for*
-Martin has his whole boat load of scandals going for him, stealing lots of money
-Harper's whole election campaign is, "We're not the Liberals! Bad Liberals!" and "oh, BTW we're going to do everything in our power to stop the gay agenda!! Even though it is now firmly established in our legal system as well as our charter of rights that gays can marry"
Beyond which the Amercian media seems to favour him, which automatically makes me want to stay away...
-Layton, well lets face it, the NDP is never going to *win* an election. Beyond which it really annoys me that he seems to have switched alliences to be with the Conservatives. Like the Conservatives are going to fight privatised health care! They're capitalists they *support* private health care! If you stopped agreeing with the Liberals, act on your parties *own* behalf. You're not a leader if you have to follow someone else.

At the moment I'm pretty sure I'd vote for the Liberals. Sure they seem to steal our country's money, but they managed to run a surplus budget, unemployment has been at a 30 year low, the economy is great, he's standing up to the Americans over the whole lumber dispute, and he did right by the Supreme Court and Canada by upholding the ruling to allow gay marriages.

From yahoo (all of my news lately has been coming from the Yahoo Insider and MSN Today, so, yeah... Anyways I love reading Amercians report on Canada.):
Harper would become prime minister if the Conservatives receive the most seats in Parliament. He favors tax cuts and opposed Martin's successful bill to legalize same-sex marriage throughout Canada.

Martin has had frosty relations with the White House, standing by the Liberal Party decision not to support the U.S. invasion of Iraq. He also declined to join in Washington's continental ballistic missile shield, infuriating the Bush administration, has been called weak on terrorism, and was vocal in his opposition of high U.S. tariffs on Canadian lumber.
Ummm, according to NAFTA America has *stolen* Billions of dollars with their illegal tariffs, I say good for Martin for standing up for Canada!

His push to legalize gay marriage throughout Canada also raised the hackles of Republicans south of the 49th parallel, but Martin is widely respected worldwide for Canada's neutrality and open arms toward immigrants and minorities. Maybe these Republicans can learn something! Besides which, no immigrants = Canada in trouble!

Canada's Conservatives, by contrast, are seen as much more receptive to improving relations with Washington, though a majority of Canadians opposed the war in Iraq and the policies of President Bush. I don't know, I've always thought that a government should follow what it's people wanted not what their neighbours wanted... And honestly from what I've seen in the past and have been reading about lately, America has been treating Canada like shit. I agree with Martin's hostile stance. I mean at one point Martin said something about the Canadian/American "friendship" and I wish I could remember it, because it was good, but it basically said America's idea of friendship is us giving in, that's not a real friendship, and we're not going to take it.

"This is not just the end of a tired, directionless, scandal-plagued government," Harper said after Monday's vote. "It's the start of a bright new future for this country." *smirks*

The opposition is banking on the public's disgust with a corruption scandal involving the misuse of funds targeted for a national unity program in Quebec. Now if only they would talk about something else! I mean come on. Most of the time when I hear Harper speak he brings it up like that alone should make us vote for him. GIVE US SOMETHING ELSE!!!! Also, as wrong as it was, I basically just see all the Liberal scandals as "well they were just the first ones *caught*"

An initial investigation absolved Martin of wrongdoing...

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