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learn something new everyday...

Did you know that LJ has a maximum of 5000 comments?

barat started this meme over on her (his?) LJ, and I was going to join in, but the 5000 comment quota was hit (I would not want to be that person's inbox right now....) so I'm doing it here instead.


Have you had one of those days lately when you just scroll down your friends list and look at all the wonderful people you know... and wanted to smack a fair number of them? I'm sure you all know that every once in while, it's good to share your true feelings. It can be stress relieving, an opportunity to express true feelings while proving to be awfully amusing for those not taking part. And so, rising from the ashes is the traditional, yet ever time-killing Brutal Honesty Meme. Leave no throught unshared, no moron unwanked, no idiotic reply left without a searing, snarky retort. Have fun, children. It's time to get angry.

Now, I suppose you can start wanking random people here, but really, I just want to know what you think of me, and the things I'm apart of :P I never have the IP turned on, so do your worse!!
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