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I thought I'd join everyone's buzz about the new Harry Potter movie. (no spoilers)

I can honestly say I will never be able to watch that movie without laughing my ass off. The first details I heard were from sarahtales's mocking reveiw. And then I watched the movie it's self.

For those of you who don't remember, I'm in China, so it's not like I can just go to the local theater. I've tried downloading it, but couldn't, so yesterday I went to my local DVD store and bought it. Now most of the American movies and TV shows are in English with Chinese subs, well Harry Potter is apperantly better then that, it actually get dubbed. At first Sara and I were pissed that we couldn't watch it, but after some fiddling around, we realised that it had English subs... Well for the most part.

-First of all, half the time Harry was called "The Harry"
-Ron was called Loa (or something like that) and often had Boon after it....
-Serius was called "Little Dog Star"
-and Hargid was "Sea Scape"

There were also some lovely examples of Chinglish throughout. I'm going to see if I can rip the DVD, you honestly can't grasp how funny this is without seeing it yourself. :P
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