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QaF in China

Well last night Sara and I went for a walk down the street behind our apartment in the hopes of finding food (never an easy thing to do when the menu's are in Chinese and the most English you can expect is a friendly "Hello"), but on the way there we passed a DVD shop and thought we'd stop and take a look at what they had.

Most of the movies there were either in English or German with Chinese subtitles, so it's pretty easy to get English movies over here. When you walked in though there was an entire wall with box sets of shows, and guess what was right there to the right? Season *5* of QaF. I was a bit confused at first, because all of the big writing on it is in Chinese, and on the back they had pics from season 4 and 5, but then Sara noticed on the front in smallish writing, Season 5.

I really wasn't sure how it could be out since it's not out yet in North America, but I figured someone might have gotten their hands on it and started selling it here in China, and honestly for 45 yuan, I was willing to take the risk that it'd be in Chinese, so I bought it.

The quality of the eps are pretty good, although they all have that little summary of what heppened at the end of the last ep, which made me start to think that this might be boot legged, but what really gave that fact away was the last disk: The disk with the extra features.

The first extra feature is an interview with Peter and Scott, I havn't watched all of it yet, but they were just talking about random stuff (the topics I saw were aliteration and the secret romance between Ted and Justin). But the rest of the special features were all vids. They had:

-sisabet's 66
-Aida's Defying Gravity
-f1renze's Fresh Feeling
-It's is a Pig, which is a Gale Randy vid, I can't quite remember who made it, but it was signed "for Rachelface"
-kitkatbyte's Juliet
-Poem_Sunshine-noname which is one I hadn't actually seen before....

I suppose to be somewhat fair, they didn't doctor the vids at all, and left everyone's signature on it, if there was one to begin with. Still I don't know if some of these vidders will appreciate this, I think *I* would be flattered, but that's just me.

It also kind of gets me, because I wonder if this person who basically stole the episodes might have possibly have gotten them from my site. I mean that sooo wasn't my intention when I made the group, but I could see people misusing it that way...
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