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A Question for anyone out there. Can someone rec some fic? violetjones perhaps, I really liked you last suggestions. I've kind of stopped reading fic, well ok I've kind of stopped reading everything but brightly coloured order faxes (kill me please). I have a list of to read about a mile long, but I can't really remember what each one is about, and well, the few that I've looked at from there haven't interested me.

I like really long fics. Generally I like AUs but I dont' really think I'm in the mood for them right now, but suggest away. What I'm really in the mood for right now is crying. I find I always feel better after reading something really depressing. It doesn't even have to be a quality *fanfic* (I mean it can be OOC, I still ike it to be written fairly well), as long as the emotions in them are real.

Anyways, does anyone think they can help me?
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