Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Man I'm getting a headache....

Hey guys!!

Click here to join qafdl
Click to join qafdl

This may not be a long term solution, and I have no idea how strict things are over on Yahoo, but I've moved qafdownloads to, now I've never made a yahoo group before so bear with me if things don't move all that smoothly at first (does anyone know how to make that rules thing you get when you join a new community on yahoo?). I've also heavily moderated the group.

Also if anyone has any links left over from this past week send them my way, unfortunatly they deleted the second community master_listers that those who did the list had been using to keep track of the code.

Also spread the word to those who were in the community and would like to stay involved. If anyone would like to be involved with this group but doesn't have or want a yahoo identity, please leave a comment with your e-mailo address and I'll keep you in touch.

I'm going to screen the comments on this, just in case....
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