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Answers Part 2

And now we have the vids answers. Also for the vids that don't have permanent webspace, I've uploaded them to YSI. I've put the name of who made the vid beside it, and take no credit for them myself. That said, if anyone has a problem with this, tell me and i'll remove the links, I know that that can bother some people, but I just feel bad rec'ing the vid and you not having a way to watch it if you want.

22. Media nox obscura nox crudelitas animarum campana sonat duo decies *BONUS* Mitternacht by bked88. I don't have the original link, plus you need a membership to dl it so I'm making it a YSI file if anyone wants to DL it. You won't regret it, it's an awsome peice of vidding.

21. We went to far reaching for that star, and the light moved away from me. *BONUS* Shounen Bushidou by Istiv This one has won a ton of awards, and honestly I can't imagine how long it took this guy to make it, there are some pretty neat effects in here. (YSI Link)

20. Oh my mo mi mother oh my mum - Add it up by carr0ts1979 guessed by violetjones

19. Perfect song, perfect ming, perfect face - A Perfect Lie by Vero

18. Don't you want to know why we keep starting fires. - Danger (High Voltage) by f1renze guessed by violetjones

17. Stop your messing around boy. - Good Charlot Vid by kimby77 guessed by carr0ts1979

16. You are my Sunshine... Breaking someone's head off... hound dog... black and white.... looks like a lady - Furuba Music Television by Ruby Hatchet (YSI Link)

15. Ladies and Gentlement Listen up please, I don't want to be your hero. - Hero by ozbrat

14. I need your touch just too damn much - Loving You by dangerlily (gbaby_hollywood) guessed by nebulein

13. Do you think that you are hard, really harder then the other, man you're acting cold when you're not in charge. - Open Your Eyes by paraka (no one got my vid :()

12. Promise that forever we will never get better at growing up and learning to lie - Good life by xandra

11. He's got your number on a paper at his disposal anytime. - Save Yourself by s1ghren guessed by carr0ts1979

10. Gotta keep you down if you want me with you - Down Boy by carr0ts1979 guessed by carr0ts1979

9. Cha Cha - Viva Colombia Cha Cha by choimimi guessed by carr0ts1979

8. Staring through a deep cold void alone in the dark - Romeo by sweetestdrain guessed by carr0ts1979

7. That I must learn to kill before I can feel safe but I, I rather kill myself then turn into their slave - Brian in the Shadows by Vero
guessed by nebulein

6. Like battery thinkers count your thoughts - Girls and Boys by carr0ts1979 guessed by carr0ts1979

5. Baptized in fluorescent light I found religion in the greeting card aisle - Superhero by darlulu guessed by carr0ts1979 YSI Link

4. Carry on keep romancing carry on carry on dancing - Carry On Dancing by otakuraven (The title was in the QUOTE! How could no one get this?)

3. I only have myself to blame, for all the cracks within the frame that I find - Runaway Train by Acacia

2. One time around that you didn't slip. Found out and it's your last trip down instide you don't need to hide - Blank by kitkatbyte guessed by kitkatbyte (which should be considered cheating but....)

1. I was the first to have spoken, and I said just about all of the things you shouldn't say - Last High by kitkatbyte and f1renze guessed by kitkatbyte
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