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Next to all of the excitement, I'd have to say the second best thing about the prop sale has been all of the mail I've been getting. I never get mail, none of the bills are in my name, and since our building is new, we don't even get junk mail. So it's been really nice going to the mail box each day and finding cards there for me. :D

The cards and such people have been sending me the money in are really nice, so I'd like to say thank you for them. Also I suck at correspondence, so the smaller packages have sheep paper, and the larger packages have full page stationary, that I feel the need to fill, but really have nothing to say, so I might blabber on about nothing, I just felt that I needed to write something.

Also a question. The first few packages that I sent off just had one of those print out white stamps, but today when I went to send plumsuede's and megababe717's packages off, I asked for stamps. I actually just meant I wanted to buy the postage today instead of getting a price quote, but the girl seriously pulled out a book of stamps. As a result plumsuede has 14 stamps all over her tiny envalope (7 different ones, they were pretty landscapes), and megababe717 has something like 6 stamps (they weren't as cool, just lilies I think).

Anyways to get to the point here, does anyone want actual stamps instead of the boring white thingy? Any stamp collectors out there?

*Also I'm leaving this post unlocked since not everyone who bought from me friended me, but I am flocking my journal*
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