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Why is it everytime I go to update, I try to friend myself instead?

I'm sure this isn't news to anyone, since I got the link off of _in_babylon, but I just wanted to say I e-mailed both (My home riding and my school riding, implying that it would soon become my permanent rinding) my MPs about Bill C-38. If there are any other Canadian's on my flist I'd highly suggest going to and filling out the form. The bill isn't only about same-sex marriages, but all our civil rights. They're trying to use the notwithstanding clause, which has never been used before since it basically states that our charter of rights in optional. Not that I think that they'll suddenly all disappear, but it lays the ground work for a lot of bad things that could potentially happen.

I also posted about this in uog which is the LJ group for my university, in the hopes of getting more Canadians to send a message in. I just wish I didn't live in the bubble that is university life, so I could have heard about this sooner.
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