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Yay!. I don't even know if people are still looking at my journal for pics of the prop sale, but I spent all day yesterday and today putting one together. So you guys better appreciate it!!!11 :P

Anyways if anyone's interested in seeing what I got and what it was like I've posted it all here.

I'm sorry to those who have been waiting for prices on shipping. I was going to go to the post office yesterday, but I only really have the big ackward stuff left, and since it's a really long walk I want to wait for a car. I should be going tonight though. Gah, I have no idea how I'm going to mail the art off, it's frigging huge.

Also I'm in the process of contacting those who are waiting to hear if they can get anything, but since I have to do it one at a time it's a bit time consuming and slow.
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