Paraka (paraka) wrote,

More Pics

Because I'm having issues, and I know some people are on dial up and don't want a ton of pics, I'm making a bunch of piture posts under cuts.

This is the novalty corner. There was a lot of really special stuff here.

Including the sex toy section


The infamous Baseball bat! It's actually rubber, but it's so heavy and hard that I don't see how it's any better then wood.

They actually had BRIAN KINNEY"S BALLS FOR SALE!!!!


This was a little off of the corner:

And when Justin said that his stuff was in the locker as it burned he wasn't joking. I found this for sale, and wanted it so bad it hurt, but I didn't have enough money :(

And since these were crappy pics. This old lady and I hid in a corner so we could get good pics for all.

Actually the little old lady who was my partner in crime was tons of fun. She had to be at least 60 but I'd put her closer to 70. We started talking, and as I've said many times so far this weekend, the inner fangirl that I didn't know existed came out. Now it's wierd realizing I have an inner fangirl but it's really wierd to go all fangirlish with a 70 year old grandma about how hot Gale Harold is :P

She had managed to pick up the white button down filmy type shirt from 101 when Brian first went to see Gus in the hospital.

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