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Hey guys, I know there are a lot of you waiting for news about the items I said I'd get for you. First off, people who requested specific items, you're pretty much out of luck. It was really, really, really hard to find specific items. Things were everywhere, and few of them had been labled. I will say that most of what I have is clothes. Lots and lots of cloths. Also nothing was near as expensive as people seemed to think.

I'll have a better list tomorrow but some of the highlights:

... umm, I have a pair of gym shorts and some tank tops, his stuff was pretty picked over. :(

Wow I hit the jack pot with his stuff.
-His school uniform.
-The skimpy shirt he wore when he crashed Mikey's party in Season 1
-His "Too Busy to Fcuk" shirt
-and other memerable cloths that are harder to explain in a sentance.

The pink dress outfit he wore to crash Mikey's party!!!!

His foster care papers!!!! (I thought that was cool)

The purple butterfly shirt from ep 103(? I think, the one where she goes to Woody's)

I also have some woody's and babylon tank tops, and some Rage sketches.

The entire experience was absolutly amazing, and I'm so glad I went, and I'm especially glad I bought all these thigns for people, it wouldn't have been nearly as fun otherwise.

I'll also post pics of some of the things I saw but couldn't buy like:
-BRIAN'S BALLS!!! (the fake ones the Dr. showed him unfortunatly :()
-Justin's sketch book (I would have loved to keep this, but it was $250, and I only saw it at the end)
-The baseball bat (it's actually made of rubber)
-The bathroom door (witht eh no sex in the bathroom sign on it.)
-Brian's kitchen
-Vic's grave (yes you could buy it, what the hell you'd do with it I'm not sure, one guy said he'd put it in his backyard if it was bigger)
-Um different artwork... I know there was more, but I'm tired at the moment and not really thinking....

Anyways more news tomorrow.

Also psst. for those of you on my flist who are interested in something from the sale, I might have some things left over, if you want them, but I can't promise anything. I know some of you have expressed an interest, but if there's anyone more, please leave a comment, again with the first come first serve basis.

ETA: I'm such a loser, but I just had a but of a fangirl moment when I hung Brian, Justin, Emmett, Mickey, and Hunter's clothes in my closet :D:D:D
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