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I have a bit of a request for my flist.

Does anyone have the episodes for Queer as Folk UK? I used to have episodes 1-8, but deleted them because I didn't really like it, but there have been a lot of requests for it on qafdownloads and I promised everyone I'd try and find it.

At the moment I have a few of them downloading off of Win MX but I have a feeling that it's going to take forever that way. :( I've also been looking on eBay to see about maybe buying them and then ripping them, but almost all of them are region 2 and I live in Canada(I really don't know much about regions, but I'm pretty sure I need a region 1, even for the computer). :(

Anyways any help at all getting these, or pointing me in the right direction, or even a torrent link, would make you my new favourite person!

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