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It's been a while since I've posted anything, and this post isn't about anything personal. I just wanted to take the time to pimp out some communities.

The first is my newest qafvids:

It's a community for Queer as Folk vids, you can post recent vids, ask for help with vids, or just go there for downloads. It's just getting started but I hope it'll take off soon. I've already started post with links to various link sites, so if you want to find some vids, or if you'd like me to put your website on it, go check it out.

I'd like to once again mention my community qafships. It luckily was on the fringes of the last uprising in the B/M vs B/J shipper war, but I'm hoping to get some good discussions started. I'm going to put a post up about being a Michael Justin shipper. Is there anyone else there on my flist who's one?

qafdownloads is still going strong, and I'm training some people to help me out with the list, so hopefully it won't be taking up my whole life for much longer. I still havn't had any luck finding out who the mod is though. Note to self: make a post on queerasfolkfans :S

I'm also hoping to spend some time this week bringing vidding_archive back to life. It sort of died around Christmas, mostly because it's still in the programing stage :(

Also has anyone heard from cue_the_pulse yet?
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