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Ok, first of all, I have some pimping to do:

fandom_aid: Everyone should go and check it out, although I'm sure everyone on my flist has already heard about it, I'll say it again anyways.

I have 2 contributions. First is a vid I made for jule1122 called Lovers. It's set to the Barenaked Ladies song Lovers in a Dangerous Time. I'm rather happy with it,  and I'm glad she is too.

My second vid was made for sunshineandrage, it's a bit different :P I was asked to make a vid about Justin's hair, which was both easy and hard at the same time. It was easy because there are a ton of clips I could use (although you'd be surprised at how many close ups just show his face and not his hair), but hard to make it interesting. I ended up setting the vid to the theme song Hair, from the musical Hair. It's a short vid, more of a vidlette really, but hey. Also the clips are random but really fast paced.

Next thing to pimp out is edenmalfoy and my new community called qafships. The idea came when we were discussing the shipper wars going on at queerasfolkfans. The mods have made it quite clear that they don't want people talking about thier ships in thier community, but some of us in the fandom would like to, so we set this community up as a place to (respectfully) talk about your ships and OTPs. It's just getting started, but we'd like everyone to come check it out.

Also I'd like to introduce everyone here to one of my favourite people on LJ, scatterheart (who I realise most know, but now you know how much I love her, also carr0ts1979 you're the other fav person, for reasons you already know). I really only 'met' scatterheart around christmas, she was my snowinandblowin secret santa, and she did an amazing job on my web page layout. Not only did she make it so pretty, she also helped me overcome my increadible stupidity and helped me get it up and running. Now she has also made me a matching LJ layout. *dies* scatterheart, I would just like to tell you how increadibly amazing you are for doing this, and thank you for being so nice to me, not only with your talents, but for being an amazingly nice person all around. *loves*

Beyond that, I am so vidded out at the moment. I'm kind of glad though that I didn't finish the vid that carr0ts1979 and I are working on, because by the end I was so stressed and ready to kick my computer in that I know I never would have done it justince. But don't worry mcfeste it will get done, and soon, i just need to take a break is all. :P



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