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ITPE 2020

It's ITPE time again, so here's my updated letter:

Sorted Food Anyone/Everyone
Apparently my pandemic coping strategy is watching British Youtubers talk about food a lot. This fandom is tiny guys, so, so tiny. This is kind of a long shot, but I would love anything in it. Gen, slash, het (if it exists in the fandom?). Really I ship anyone with anyone and everyone. :) I have particular soft spots for the Chefs. Ben is just text book My Fandom Type with his geeky competence. He's long suffering with his friends and makes all his Benuendos. James is sarcastic, grumpy, but also full of little bursts of joy when he finds something he likes. James also mothers the Normals a lot and it's adorable watching him sympathy stress with them, or quietly show up in the background to help them save their dish.

Harry Potter Draco/Hermione, Harry/Draco
So the parts of the pandemic that weren't spent on Youtube were primarily spent listening to Draco/Hermione fics passed through a text-to-speech reader. I read a fic back in like, 2007 that had Draco/Hermione as a background pairing and was like "huh, that's unexpected, I kind of like it" then promptly forgot about it until this year where I started mainlining the hell out of it. Is there much in canon for this pairing? Not really, but they're both fun characters to bounce off each other and see where they go. I've got a few fics bookmarked as recs with this pairing, though I doubt any of them will be good for this challenge since their word counts skew high.

Because podfic fandom leans more towards slash, I do also do Harry/Draco. Certainly a lot of the tropes in H/D fic feels more familiar to me as someone who's spent most of their fannish life in the slash corner and there are some really great stories available. It's not the pairing I seek out on my own that often, but I'm almost always pleased after listening to H/D podfic. I do have a few H/D stories bookmarked, the word counts are still high, though not as high as my Draco/Hermione recs. :P

OK, I'm not officially listing this pairing, but my first pairing in Harry Potter fandom was Harry/Snape. At the time I was of an age where I IDed most with Harry, as I've gotten older and am now at a point where I ID more with Snape, let's just say this pairing has lost a lot of its shine. That said I'd probably still enjoy a story with this pairing if you have a fave you want to record.

I'm very much an Epilogue, What Epilogue? person, and that also means I have no interest in Cursed Child canon. I'm also not very interested in the Marauders and haven't watched any of the Fantastic Beasts movies.

Star Trek AOS (TOS) Kirk/Spock
I mostly read/listen in AOS, but I've watched some of TOS and so long as the story isn't, like, an episode tag I'm generally good following TOS stories too. Certainly I enjoy AOS stories that mix in TOS canon. I'm a Kirk girl, who loves to see him hurt (I frequent the Tarsus tag way too much), though I'm also 100000% here for competence porn from this crew. I have a few recs on AO3 and a few more on Pinboard.

I have also watched Star Trek Discovery and Picard as well as a smattering of Next Gen though I haven't gone looking for fic for them. That said, if you found a fic that was a crossover, I probably have enough canon knowledge to enjoy!

Things that I love (an incomplete list): Rule 63, time travel, competence porn, trans characters, soulmates, world exploration, found family, pretend dating, arranged marriage (really, most harlequin-type storylines), angst, AUs, origin stories, power dynamics (including D/s and BDSM), emotional punches in the gut, characters coming into their powers/destinies, and way more than I can list here.

I don't have many no go zones but cannibalism and killing people in a sexualized way are really hard stops for me. Related to the previous point, I mostly can't deal with zombies and am finding vampires harder to deal with too. Detailed gore on a large scale also makes me queasy and I'm not a fan of horror.

I don't enjoy stories whose plots are driven by blatant homophobia, though stories about coming out during times where it was less safe to do so are ok. I generally don't enjoy stories where cheating on a voluntary relationship is a large part of the story (if it's, like, a forced/arranged relationship and there's cheating I'm more ok with it). Though, it's not cheating if it's consensual (an open relationship, for example).

Note: Since these are things other people usually list as no-gos; while I wouldn't necessarily say these are things I love, I don't mind unhappy endings and/or death fic. Related to my like of emotional punches in a gut, I like when a story can make me cry. I don't mind sad events or endings so long as the emotions ring true. So if you have a story that you think would work that has an unhappy ending or character death, go for it! I am well known as an angst muffin after all.
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