Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Pod_Exchange 2019

Dear Podfficcer,

Note: This is the dear podficcer letter for the Group Slashpad sign up, for the paraka, solo sign up, see my last 2 ITPE letters.

OK, so there are two different people in this group (possibly a 3rd) and you don't have to worry about making a podfic for both of us, though we do have some shared interests. Here are our requested fandoms:

Critical Role
Plotty gen is awesome, shipping is great too (all the ships)! Anything involving Caleb is golden.

Preference is for canon era, though really, so long as there's still magic it's good. Merlin/Arthur is preferred but not required.

Star Trek AoS
Honestly competence porn is our favourite part of this fandom. Throw in some teamy goodness, found family, general badassery, and it's perfect. Pairing preferences are for Kirk/Spock or Spock/Uhura.

Starting off, Civil War is pretty much a no-go zone, so is Bucky/Steve, though we both find Bucky-centric things interesting. Tony-centric is generally a safer bet though.

X-Men 1st Class
The Alternate Universe - Still Have Powers is my happy place in this fandom. I do love the exploration of their powers so am not as interested in non-powers AU. Erik/Charles is my pairing.

Full Metal Alchemist
Greedling/Edward or Ling/Edward is the rarepair of my heart, but short of that almost anything else is good; I'm more interested in the people characters than the homunculi.

If you'd like to try something beyond our official sign up fandoms:
Expanse: So much hard sci fi!
Girl Genius: ANYTHING
Sense8: Slight preference for Kala/Wolfgang/Rajan
The Martian: Competency porn!
Tags: podfic

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