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ITPE 2018

It's ITPE time!

I'm completely between fandoms right now and keep sampling a bunch of different ones depending on how I feel, so let's see, what I'm down with at the moment.

This is the fandom I'm reading in as I type this letter. Merlin/Arthur is my main pairing, but I'm also 100% there for canon-era slice-of-life gen, or stories of how awesome a queen Gwen was, post-show. Canon-era stories tend to be my fav, however I'm fine with AUs that take place in a different time so long as there's still magic. I kind of feel like what's the point without magic? There are non-magical AUs that I like, but they can be more hit and miss for me. I'm drawn more to the potential of season 1 than the reality of the later seasons so I'm totally there for redeemable Morgana. I have a bunch of (mostly old) recs on my pinboard.

Fall Out Boy Pete/Patrick is my Bandom OTP. God I just love them. <333 I'm also ok with Patrick/other ppl as a main pairing (Travie or Gabe are the ones I've come across the most), but I'm less interested in Pete/others (as a main pairing at least, if it's temp relationship, or if Patrick is involved I'm ok with it). Mostly what I like about Pete/Patrick is dorks in love and how Pete can feel so much about Patrick.

Panic! at the Disco I'm down for any combo of Brendon/Spencer/Ryan. I live in a world of denial that is stuck in Panic!2.0 :P But Brendon/Spencer stuff post divorce are fine too. When I join a fandom there's normally one character that grabs my attention and whom I care most about in a relationship and originally, Ryan was that character for Panic, but then somewhere along the way Spencer moved into that category and most of what I read slashes one of them with Brendon, but man, let me tell you how much I'd love some Ryan/Spencer that builds on their years long friendship and how they can still be friends (or together) post-divorce.

Cobra Starship/The Academy Is... Gabe/William. So, after years of Gabe/William being a sometimes minor background pairing in a bunch of bandom fics, I somehow fell into a Gabe/William spiral not too long ago and came out shipping them a lot?

You can find my general Bandom recs here (sorry, I don't tag by band)

Those are the bands/characters I'm interested in being the centre of the story, I know there are a ton of other bands, and I'm missing MCR from the big 3 (I'm generally unenthused by MCR? It's fine, but I don't feel the need to seek it out), and I'm fine if those other bands make an appearance, or are background characters, or whatever, but getting something that focuses elsewhere would probably be pretty meh for me.

Harry Potter Harry/Snape, Harry/Draco So, I got into Harry Potter fandom before the series was finished being written so jumped on the Harry/Snape train before canon went... there. I also was closer in age to Harry that Snape at the time and the age gap thing didn't seem like a big deal, where as now I'm closer to Snape and it's way more :S :S :S So, what I mean to say is I have complicated feels about my main pairing in this fandom. These days I tend to read a lot of time travel shenanigans in this pairing, or stuff set in a Snape!Lives future, though I can do canon era.

I'm very much an Epilogue, What Epilogue? person, and that also means I have no interest in Cursed Child canon. I'm also not very interested in the Marauders.

OK, partially because of my complicated feelings about my first HP pairing, and partially just because this is where a lot of the podfic is, I've recently started delving into Harry/Draco. Pretty much everything I've consumed so far is post-Voldemort, though I'm possibly down for canon era? I haven't really tried it yet, but if there's something you really want to record that's H/D, so long as it doesn't go against my squicks I say go for it?

I have some Harry Potter recs but the word counts are probably outside what anyone would want to take on here.

Star Trek AOS (TOS) Kirk/Spock I mostly read/listen in AOS, but I've watched some of TOS and so long as the story isn't, like, an episode tag I'm generally good following TOS stories too. Cetainly I enjoy AOS stories that mix in TOS canon. I'm a Kirk girl, who loves to see him hurt (I frequent the Tarsus tag way too much), though I'm also 100000% here for competence porn from this crew. I have a few recs on AO3 and a few more on Pinboard but they're mostly really long stories so probably not useful here.

Sense8 Kala/Wolfgang/Rajan Oh man, I'm sad that canon had to rush this to give us the ending they intended, honestly I just have so many feels about them. <333 I read some of the fic when the last ep first came out but haven't kept up with the tag since then.

X-Men (First Class movie 'verse): My main pairing is Charles/Erik, though X-Men Apocalypse made me yearn for Charles/Erik/Raven. I specified First Class, not because it has to be based off that single movie, but because I don't actually enjoy rivals pairings normally, so the early 2000s Charles/Erik is less interesting to me, than the closer relationship we've seen in First Class/Days of Future Past/Apocalypse. I'm not opposed to stories that are set in the earlier (later, in canon) movies, just it's a bit more hit or miss how their relationship is portrayed. My favourite tag in the fandom is Alternate Universe - Still Have Powers because I love stories that explore how the world would react to mutants and the powers that they have but the actual canon is so intense and goes to such an extreme. These AUs generally have more of a middle ground.

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Belle/Adam God I really wanted to throw myself into this fandom after I saw the movie, unfortunately the fandom is not that large. ;__; I ship Belle/Adam and have no interest in seeing Gaston redeemed, nor am I into Lefou pining after him (it's fine if it's present in the story like it was in canon, but I don't want Lefou pining to be the main point of the story).

I fell in love with the franchise through Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and I adore Cameron. I also have a thing for people growing into heroes so love John Connor's characterization from SCC and T3. My ships are John/Cameron and John/Kate, though this fandom is the one I read the most gen in. I also adore crossovers with Terminator. If you can find good crossovers with this and any of the other fandoms I've listed, that would totally make my day. My Terminator recs are on my pinboard.

Things that I love (an incomplete list): Rule 63, time travel, competence porn, trans characters, world exploration, found family, pretend dating (really, most harlequin-type storylines), angst, AUs, origin stories, power dynamics (including D/s and BDSM), emotional punches in the gut, and way more than I can think of at the moment.

I don't have many no go zones but cannibalism and killing people in a fetishized way are really hard stops for me. Related to the previous point, I mostly can't deal with zombies and am finding vampires harder to deal with too. Detailed gore on a large scale also makes me queasy and I'm not a fan of horror.

I don't enjoy stories whose plots are driven by homophobia.

Note: Since these are things other people usually list as no gos; while I wouldn't necessarily say these as things I love, I don't mind unhappy endings and/or death fic. Related to my like of emotional punches in a gut, I like when a story can make me cry. I don't mind sad events or endings so long as the emotions ring true. So if you have a story that you think would work that has an unhappy ending or character death, go for it! I am well known as an angst muffin after all.
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