Paraka (paraka) wrote,

#ITPE Letter

Hey lovely person who was assigned me for #ITPE!

The fandoms I signed up for are:
  • Daredevil (TV): The newest fandom I've fallen into, I've been mostly reading Matt/Foggy. I super enjoy Matt as a failboat, and the UST between those two.

  • Marvel comics 616: I'm mostly interested in Steve/Tony centric stories from comics. Though Jan is my fav Avenger, so anything with her in it is amazing!

  • MCU: When it comes to the individual canons within MCU, Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Agent Carter are all awesome. I don't have overly strong feelings one way or the other for Thor or Bruce, so anything focusing on them will be pretty meh for me. I also don't care about Steve/Bucky, sorry. My main pairing from MCU is pretty much Steve/Tony at the moment, though I also enjoy Clint/Coulson, Mack/Fitz, Skye(Daisy)/Tripp and would love any sort of slash/het/gen fics about Peggy or Skye.

Things that I love (an incomplete list): Rule 63, identity porn, trans characters, found family, pretend dating (really, most harlequin-type storylines), angst, AUs, origin stories, power dynamics (including D/s and BDSM), emotional punches in the gut, and way more than I can think of at the moment.

I don't have many no go zones but cannibalism and killing people in a fetishized way are really hard stops for me. Related to the previous point, I mostly can't deal with zombies and am finding vampires harder to deal with too. Detailed gore on a large scale also makes me queasy and I'm not a fan of horror. I'm also kind of hesitant about stores with cheating? If the cheating is actually addressed in the story, I'm generally ok with it, but if it's handwaved or something, that tends to make me sad.

Character-wise, I have no interest in Ward-apologists and find that even stories that feature Ward very much, that are set before the reveal, don't do it for me. I'm also really wary of Loki-apologists.

Note: While I wouldn't necessarily list these as things I love, since I see a lot of other people listing these as things to avoid, I will say, I don't mind unhappy endings and/or death fic. Related to my like of emotional punches in a gut, I like when a story can make me cry. I don't mind sad events or endings so long as the emotions ring true. So if you have a story that you think would work that has an unhappy ending or character death, go for it! I am well known as an angst muffin after all.
Tags: podfic
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