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So, as many people know, I run the twitter account [ profile] podfic and the last week there were some questions and discussions about how I run the account. So, for anyone interested, I thought I'd shed some light on how I find the tweets I RT, and how I decide which ones get to be RTed.

So, first thing I'll say is it's not a strict process, sometimes it depends on my mood that day, or what I know about the tweeter's history, or whether I care to do extra research that day. But here are the basics.

I use web tweetdeck to juggle my various twitter accounts. It also has the nice feature that allows you to customize a search column. My podfic search has the following settings:
Showing: All Tweets
Matching: #podfictweeting OR podfic OR podficcing OR podfics OR podficcer OR podficcers OR podficced OR audiofic OR audiofics OR pod_aware OR repod OR podficediting OR podficcerproblems OR podficproblems OR podblocked OR #podfictits OR #ITPE OR podbang OR remopodmo OR theatripod OR amplificathon OR podfic_bingo OR podficmeta OR multipodicity OR podficbigbang
Excluding: @podblocked
Written In: any language
Retweets: Excluded

All other settings are the default settings.

As you can see, there are a lot of different podfic related terms I'm searching (25 as of May 1, 2014). Twitter can be weird about searches and wants to match words exactly, hence "podfic" as well as "podfics".

When I was first setting up the account, I looked into having a bot doing the RTing, but there was too much garbage being caught. For example, the reason why "@podblocked" is blocked is because it's the name of a podcast, and it never talks about podfic (also, their sense humour I occasionally find offensive). The "repod" term has more false positives than actual talk about podfic (mostly it's a lot of tweets about people's vehicles being repossessed. I get soooo spammed whenever a celebrity has a vehicle repossessed, let me tell you). Inserting an _ works as an "and" feature in the search, so any tweet that contains the word "pod" and "aware" will show up, etc.

There's also the matter that I selectively RT, even when the tweet is actually about podfic.

Most notably, I'll exclude tweets that are anti-podfic; which come up far more often than I want to see, unfortunately.

After the Zombie Podfic Wank of 2013, a lot of people were uncomfortable with tweets talking about wank, or wanky things. So I tiptoe around those kinds convos and even meta conversations. I think it's important for podficcers to realize that others are going through difficult things, but overall I want the account to be a positive place, so.
Whether or not I RT meta depends entirely on the tone of the meta (is there anti-podfic sentiment? etc.), who's saying it (is it just podficcers? Is it anti-podficcers? Is it happening on an anon meme, etc.), and the general atmosphere (has there been a lot of meta talk lately? Are people getting tired of hearing it? etc). I'll take into account how likely the tweet being RTed will lead to wank. I've seen wank develop (or worsen) because of things I've RTed before and that's really not what I want

Other things I don't RT:
-Podfic/Productivity Sprints (beyond the initial announcement if I see it on time, or if the sprinters start talking about podfic other than their progress)
-Questions that appear to be answered may or may not be RTed. If it's a request for beta, and someone's answered, I'll leave it, if it's a request for advice, I'll probably RT the question along with the answers.
-Tweets that break the 4th wall. This is a personal squick of mine and I just don't want to encourage people tweeting Misha Collins or Gerard Way to check out podfics about them/their characters (yes, those are actual examples). Once Orlando Jones joined in a convo about podfic, which I RTed, but that's it.
-Selective users who have asked not to be RTed, or who didn't specifically ask, but were displeased to be RTed a previous time (if I remember, I've RTed a lot of people over the years, it can be hard to keep track).
-Tweets that I don't feel add anything (like the 10th tweet announcing a fest/comm in a row), or sometimes if it's a fragment of a conversation that I've investigated and still can't follow.

I do RT non-English tweets, though, I'm very cautious with those. I put them all through google translate first and if I can't tell if they're positive through the garble I get back, I'll skip it. I'm also likely to skip any French tweets, since repod appears to be a French word. As well, there are a lot of tweets in Thai tagged with #ITPE that have nothing to do with podfic, so I'll skip.

A lot of the time I'll be at least a few hours, if not a few days, behind on my RTs. I don't want to overwhelm people's feeds, so I limit my RTs to ~5 tweets an hour. Because I don't actually live on the internet, the time between tweets can vary greatly and I'll fall behind, especially if it's a holiday or I spend a weekend away.

I used to RT 10 tweets at a time, but I went through a time when I was really on top of them so pulled it back to 5 and have stuck with it ever since. Sometimes I'll go over 5 tweets at once, especially if it's to finish RTing a conversation. If the conversation is really long, and something I think people would be interested in, to save time I'll make up a Storify, like I did today (though, I'm also cautious with this, because doing so with a meta convo started wank once).

Which leads me to:
How to Get Your Tweet ReTweeted
If your twitter account is public, and it's got one of the keywords mentioned above, I'll at least see it. And unless it hits any of my no-zones, I'll probably RT it.

Sometimes when I'm reading my own feed, I'll see tweets that are related to podfic, but may not mention any of those terms and I'll Rt those, but that's fairly rare these days.

If you want to make sure I RT your tweet, @reply [ profile] podfic. You should do this regardless if the tweet has any sort of time sensitivity to it, like it's announcing that sign ups for a fest/comm are closing soon, or if you have a question you need answered right away. Like I said above, I'm often a few days behind on tweets, so it sucks when I get to a tweet, only to see that it's too late to help.

If you have a locked account pretty much the only way I'll RT what you've posted is if you @reply the account (and have allowed [ profile] podfic access to see your tweets). There are some locked accounts that have said it's ok to RT their tweets, but the search function in tweetdeck only shows public tweets, so I miss them most of the time. And, tbh, it's a little much to try and keep straight in my head which locked accounts I'm allowed to RT and which ones I need to ask first.

How to PREVENT your Tweets from being RTed
If you have a public twitter and will be talking about podfic (specifically with any of those keywords), the best way to ensure I don't RT you, is to send me a tweet asking that I don't. This has happened a number of times and it makes things nice and easy for me and everyone stays safe.

If you have a locked account, you're probably safe (like 99.9%), but it doesn't hurt to let me know you don't want to be RTed.

If you never want to be RTed, I can can mute you in tweetdeck so I'll never even see your tweets.

And that's it! That's how I run [ profile] podfic
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