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AO3 hits meme

So [personal profile] greedy_dancer posted (locked) about it being 1 year since the AO3 hit meme went around last year and I just remembered I did it too. So I thought I'd copy her and revisit my stats. Because I enjoy stats.

To recap, here are last year's top hits:
  1. Crash Into Me American Idol, Kris/Adam, 0:29:48, 3846 hits

  2. Elves Love Snakeskin Leather Boots American Idol, Kris/Adam, 1:04:41, 926 hits

  3. Falling Slowly (Upwards Spiral) American Idol, Kris/Adam, 1:23:13, 517 hits

  4. Untitled Kink Fic American Idol, Kris/Adam, 0:49:48, 452 hits

  5. Ficlet Meme Terminator (with some SGA), Gen, John/Cameron, 0:07:04, 409 hits

  6. A Need So Fundamental American Idol, Adam/Tommy, 1:33:55, 400 hits

  7. Kissing Game American Idol, Kris/Adam, 0:14:19 251 hits

  8. Scribbles American Idol, Kris/Adam, 0:05:43, 214 hits

  9. Claim American Idol, Kris/Adam, 0:35:40, 209 hits

  10. As Seen On Urban Dictionary Sherlock BBC, Sherlock/Watson, 0:09:39, 210 hits

Now, for this year's top works! I will say in advance, posting Teen Wolf podfic has completely changed how I view hit counts. :P

  1. Crash Into Me American Idol, Kris/Adam, 0:29:48, 5491 hits, 43% increase over last year
    I still don't take the numbers on this entry personally. I just podficced the intro and it's posted with the fic text, all those hits are for the text, not my podfic.

  2. Nothing Gets By a Stilinski AKA Stiles Had to Get His Awesome From Somewhere Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles, 0:39:37, 2264 hits
    This was the first podfic that I posted that started to rack up the hit counts quickly. O_O I do love the story (it's what got me interested in checking out TWoof the show/fandom) and [personal profile] leish made me lovely coverart!

  3. Ain't Nothing so Good as the Cake and Eating it Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles, 4:58:30, 1920 hits
    So. That happened.
    This is a group pod I did with my roommates for Podbang. We're in a lot of different fandoms and because of the new rules for Podbang this year, TWoof was the only one we overlapped on. But we had a lot of Rules about what we would and would not podfic so it took us a while to find a fic to record, then we got a bed bug infestation and all out free time was taken up putting everything in the house that would fit through the dryer, as well as being kicked out of the house a couple times for fumigation. So, when all was said and done, we basically made this thing in a month. And we were so stressed the whole time that none of us even *like* it anymore (and I don't think any of us have listened to it in it's entirety).
    Then we posted it.
    And people really liked it. And I just sat there in a sort of horrified awe as I watched the hit count on it go up and up and up over the course of the first week. O_O And here we are, not even 2 months later and it's in spot #3 over all (and #2 in my head because, like I said, I don't really count Crash Into Me).
    So,yeah. That happened.

  4. Kneel Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles, 0:11:31, 1349 hits
    So for a while there I was trying to make presents for my friends whenever it was their birthday (congrats to the, like, 3 people that cashed in on that before I realized I suck at planning things out to do this effectively). I got the reminder that [personal profile] dodificus' birthday was coming up, just as I was coming to the mentioned realization but I tried anyway. I knew she was into TWoof, and GoddessofBirth reacted so awesomely to Nothing Gets By... (and she has BP) that on, like, the day of [personal profile] dodificus' birthday I went to GoddessofBirth's AO3 page and sorted her fic by the shortest word count and just started recording a bunch of them. then I think my family kidnapped me on a boat or something? I don't remember and I didn't get it done anytime close to [personal profile] dodificus' birthday.
    Which is not me actually talking about why this podfic has so many hits at all, but I'm kinda enjoying talking about my podfic process, so y'all can indulge me.

  5. (My House Is) Such A Sad Mile Away, Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles, 0:05:59, 1263 hits
    So, we're seeing a Teen Wolf trend here, right? That fandom, so many hit counts. O_O
    This the first Teen Wolf podfic I posted! [personal profile] heard_the_owl, who is an awesome mom, was having a bit of a rough Mother's Day so I wanted to cheer her up. I only vaguely knew anything about Teen Wolf but I knew she was into it. Also, [personal profile] fire_juggler was into it. So I sent FJ an SOS email asking for short fic recs that I could podfic quickly (BP preferred) and this and Nothing Gets By... were suggested. I actually recorded Nothing Gets By first, but I knew I wouldn't be able to edit it fast enough, so I recorded this one and slapped it up right away.

  6. Elves Love Snakeskin Leather Boots American Idol, Kris/Adam, 1:04:41, 1198 hits, 29% increase over last year
    And now that we've gotten through most of my TWoof podfic, we're back to ones that have been on the archive longer. This was in my #2 spot last year and I know that a lot of those hits are because it's attached to the text. I wonder if AI/Kradam fic would get anywhere these kinds of number today. AI isn't as present on AO3 like, say, TWoof is, but I still think of it as the fandom I was most successful in. Because, man, I'd get ~2000 downloads in the first week. I know my TWoof podfics are downloaded that much, that quickly, despite the high hit counts.

  7. Be No Stranger (All Your Saints and Soldiers Remix) Avengers, Steve/Tony, 0:42:17, 1149 hits
    Another birthday podfic. [personal profile] fire_juggler and I wanted to make something for [personal profile] bessyboo and she was all about the Steve/Tony then. Neither of us were into Avengers that much though, so we emailed [personal profile] greedy_dancer for help finding a fic that would work well with 2 voices. This is the first time I had done a multivoice thing where time travel was the shift in voices, rather than POV. It was cool!

  8. Differential Equations Teen Wolf, Dere/Stiles, 0:39:19, 932 hits
    This was an interesting project. [personal profile] podcath emailed me asking if I'd be interested in doing a multi-voiced project with her and [personal profile] knight_tracer (my response was, of course, and enthusiastic "Hell yes!"). I hasn't read the fic before she brought it to me and my part in it is rather small, but it was really fun to be in on this. :D

  9. Untitled Kink Fic American Idol, Kris/Adam, 0:49:48, 759 hits, 68% increase over last year
    I sat on this podfic for a long time. I don't normally read PWPs, but I really like this one and I wanted to podfic. But it took me a while to get comfortable putting something this porny out there. Which is weird, because I'd put out Aesthetic Alchemy without any hesitation, and it's basically 2 hours of sex scenes. But there's a lot more than sex going on in that podfic, and I think it's more description and less situations where I have to moan or pant out lines. I remember the first time I tried to actively make my reading sexy (in a different podfic) I actually squicked myself listening back to it when editing and I think I rerecorded the whole scene because I couldn't deal with it. :P Now I'm at a place where I feel proud of my reading of sexy scenes and I think this podfic really helped me get there.
    This was fairly new podfic when it made the list last year, which is why it's got such a large increase, I think. I don't think that this has such high hits because it's my best/most interesting AI podfic (not that I'm not proud of it), but more due to effective tagging. :P

  10. Falling Slowly (Upwards Spiral) American Idol, Kris/Adam, 1:23:13, 693 hits, 34% increase over last year
    Last year this was the podfic with the most hits that didn't have fic attched to it. Wow. And now a number of podfics that are posted with fic didn't even make my top 10. How things change. :) I wonder if that's just because of the fandoms I'm posting in now or if it's because more people are looking for podfics on AO3?

  11. Sex Scenes Your New Boyfriend's Too Vanilla To Read About Bandom, Ryan/Everyone, 0:56:00, 661 hits
    So, since I don't really count Crash Into Me when I consider my personal stats, I thought I'd include this one too. It's my most recently posted podfic so I'm pretty proud that it's (sort of) making the list. I think it's sort of like the Untitled Kink Meme, where tagging helps bring in a lot of hits, but I also go a lot of comments from people saying they were happy to see a podfic for this fic, so I know it's appreciated.

Heh, if you're still here, here's an (uncommented upon) list of my top works by kudos.
  1. Crash Into Me American Idol, Kris/Adam, 149 Kudos

  2. Elves Love Snakeskin Leather Boots American Idol, Kris Adam, 36 Kudos

  3. Nothing Gets By a Stilinski AKA Stiles Had to Get His Awesome From Somewhere Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles, 35 Kudos

  4. On Accents and Podfic Podfic Fandom Meta, 29 Kudos

  5. Ain't Nothing so Good as the Cake and Eating it Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles, 21 Kudos

  6. (My House Is) Such A Sad Mile Away Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles, 18 Kudos

  7. Kneel Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles, 17 Kudos

  8. Take a Bite of My Heart Tonight Bandom, Ray/Gerard, 16 Kudos

  9. Differential Equations Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles, 16 Kudos

  10. Be No Stranger (All Your Saints and Soldiers Remix) Avengers, Steve/Tony, 15 Kudos

  11. Voicing My Concerns Teen Wolf, Gen, 14 Kudos

And in this list we see the return of works with text attach taking over (although #3 is a podfic-only work, so yay!). Also, holy smokes there's a big different between the #1 spot and the #2 spot.

And I'm not going to do a full analysis on vids up there. But last year I did the top and bottom
Last year's top was I Just Want with 30 hits and Peagasus 101 was my bottom with 9 hits.
This year my top is Man's Long Shadow Driving On (SPN, Gen) with 88 hits. And my bottom is Open Your Eyes (QaF, Brian/Justin) 40 hits. Which, wow. My vids have a lot more hits than last year. O_O My lowest hit has more hits than my top hits last year.
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