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Week in the Life, Day 5

So, today can alternately be titled "Snow Day!" We Got a lot of snow today, like, more than a foot, and we're still getting more tonight. Luckily we just had a bit of a thaw and some of the previous snow had melted away, otherwise I'm sure this year would be looking a lot like the Winter of '08.

So, since we had that melt, the sprinkle of snow in the morning was covering ice in quite a few places. Like on the sidewalk. Which I slipped on, on my way to the bus. I didn't hurt myself too badly, but I feel a tiny twinge in my back from it still.

My office window looks out on a little courtyard that can get some eddying wind, so whenever it snows, it kinda looks like a snow globe. This picture was from the morning when there still wasn't much snow.

By around lunch, the snow started piling up (this is a courtyard on the other side of the building).

By the time I left work, it was snowing a lot harder and there was a lot of it on the ground. The buses were also off their schedules due to the weather, so I walked around a bit while I waited. This is a walking path along the bank of the river.

And here's a look out onto the river (you can see the main building of my work on the other side).

The drive home was kinda nuts. I was pretty lucky in my timing and ability to get a seat on the bus but my normally uncrowded buses were filled to capacity. The first bus I took, spent about a minute to get moving after every start, because it's wheels just kept spinning in the snow before they could catch some traction. The next bus I caught announced that it was going to skip half the route, because other buses were trapped on those roads, unable to move. Luckily that meant they just got to my stop faster, so I was only 15 minutes later than normal getting home.
The roads were pretty horrible though, here's a picture of a pretty busy intersection by my home. (There was one guy that got out of his car and pushed it along around the corner to try and stop it from spinning out, when I got there.)

One of the things about this meme, is it makes me feel like I should do interesting things so I can document them for you guys. I haven't really done much along those lines, but I've a few things in the back of my mind to do.
Anyway, with that in mind, on my walk home from the bus stop, I stopped to make a snow angel on the side of the road. The picture didn't really turn out, but I had fun doing it and it was kind of ridiculous, so I'm posting the picture anyway.

And here are some pics of my front yard.

Then I shoveled my walkway. Here's a before picture (the snow is even with the stoop, which is two steps up)

And here's the after picture. You can see my shovel sticking out of the snow for a gauge of how much there is, around 3-4 feet in the front.

And, lastly, here's a bedraggled picture of me, once I got inside.
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